google seo friendly website content tips guidesIf you have a website you wish to optimise, then quality content is crucial to user experience in this day and age when it comes to Google in SEO.

Content is also a key area of focus if you want to avoid Google in SEO penalties. Part of Google’s site quality rating and its algorithms take into account content in range of different ways.

There are important rules to remember when it comes to writing SEO friendly copy for your website. The following are key items to remember when generating content for optimisation.

It’s All about the User

Content marketing is all about the user experience and whether your content relates to them, educates them or gives them value to their original search query.

If you have content that doesn’t meet these criteria then this can negatively impact your Google rankings. Google only wants to promote sites they think are giving their users value. A way Google identifies this is through how much content is on your website and on each page, and if that content is relevant.

One way Google identifies whether your content is relevant is through searching for words in your copy that are near or exact matches of the original keyword typed in by the searcher. This signals to Google that you content is exploring issues and topics related to a search and therefore they will see your site as an authority on the subject.

Don’t Just Rely on Keywords

Google now takes into account a lot more than just your keyword use. The structure of how your content is placed on your website is taken into account.

For example, is your content taking into account all the relevant headings, such as H1’s and H2’s?

Ensure Unique Content

It’s important that no content is duplicated from page to page, nor is it taken from other websites. This will severely impact your rankings in the eyes of Google. Copying and pasting content signals to Google that you may not be a credible authority on the subject at hand.

Duplicate content can even happen within your own website. Sometimes this isn’t done on purpose. As a website grows and new service offerings or products are added, your content can overlap and begin repeating itself.

It can be difficult for businesses to pick up on this, particularly if you have a large website, with over 50 pages. A good way to avoid this is to do a monthly website audit and take content into account.

Also, you can use online tools such as Copyscape. This allows you to copy and paste content from your website into its system and it will compare it against other types of online content. It will show up any content that might be duplicated.


Content is still very much important to Google. The reason why content is and will most likely always be very important is because it is the main element that people go online to find. People are searching for stories, advice, news, statistics, research, products and service information and more. A key way to communicate any of this is through written copy.

Don’t forget about always putting the user first. Write with the aim of informing your audience. Ensure you use subheadings and dot points to make it reader friendly.

Also, it’s not just about keyword use anymore. The way you structure your keywords and content is just as important.

Above all, always ensure original content. Duplicate content can easily occur, especially as your website evolves. Simply use free online tools to double check your copy and do a monthly website audit.