organic seo trafiic tips ecommerce storesOrganic traffic is an e-commerce marketer’s priority because it’s low-cost with unlimited potential. The challenge when it comes to creating that organic growth is to look beyond the standard SEO advice, because that can all too often become a crutch once you have established your initial digital footprint. This is because when it comes to SEO, there are a number of factors that always need to be considered, and if you take a wrong step, unlike PPC marketing or paid social media adverts, organic growth is not something that can be fixed with money. Organic SEO results are the best marketing possibility for every business and can have a very positive effect on your digital impact, and improve your organic growth.

Step One: Product Descriptions

It may be tempting to simply copy and paste a product description from the manufacturer, but if you’re looking to improve your organic traffic, then you are going to have to focus on being unique. Everything that you sell or provide on your e-commerce store needs to have that unique description, and even similar products need to have their own distinct description. This may take some time to implement, but it will ensure that your search engine rankings are given a much-needed boost.

Step Two: The Importance of Reviews

If you could encourage every customer who buys from you to leave an online review, you could probably do without paid advertising or marketing at all. Again, this comes down to the importance of having unique content, simply because it’s one of the most important criteria that search engines are looking for when they are scanning through their results. Look at how Amazon and eBay encourage reviews, and you’ll realize just how essential they can be.

Step Three: Use Visual Content

One of the flaws with online shopping is that it’s impossible to pick up and feel a product before buying. And yet, e-commerce is thriving despite that, and the reason is simply down to the creation of visual content. From infographics that offer easily digestible data regarding a product, to a video that shows the product being handled, used, and cleaned, visual content can go a long way to improving your conversion rates, but also provide a means to add additional metadata to your website, which in turn increases your SEO potential. If this sounds like a challenge, then consider using companies like Blackbelt Commerce who are experts in customization, SEO, content marketing and moving your store to Shopify.

Step Four: Be Security Conscious

Cybercrime is a growing concern, and e-commerce platforms are an obvious target. More than ever before, your e-commerce store needs to make use of HTTPS encryption, and by doing so, you go a long way to proving your business credentials and improve your organic traffic.

Improving your organic traffic is not something that will take five minutes. It’s a long-term project that needs constant reviews and updates, but the rewards are more than worth it. Concentrate on the quality of your content, and you’ll be able to not only attract customers to your site, but also encourage a sale, and if your website is well optimized and branded, then your repeat sales will continue to grow as well.