how to replace locked iphone battery
If you are using any of the Apple iPhone Xs series or newer iPhone 11 or Pro series, then you are probably aware of the battery lock Apple has placed on the device. Considering how this is not the first time Apple has placed this software lock up on some of the key features of the device, we should probably understand what it means first.

What is a battery lock up?

Battery lock up means Apple has placed a lock on the physical battery with software. This is done in order to stop third parties from doing any kind of replacements or repair on the iPhone.

So, basically, if you ever happen to have any battery issues with your phone over time, only Apple or its authorized dealers can fix your problem. Now, this does not necessarily mean you can’t employ a third party installation.

If you do go through with one, chances are, once you install the battery and go to the battery settings, your device will not verify the battery. You are more likely to receive the important battery message which will state your battery as not genuine or original. The battery health indicator will also stop working.

This lock has caused some serious problems in the phone refurbishing industry as well. Reputed third-party refurbished device sellers like Phonebot are finding it extremely difficult explaining this absurd feature of the newer models, particularly in the iPhone XS variants, to customers looking for a quick battery replacement.

Will this affect the phone?

As long as you manage proper replacement from an authorized Apple center, your phone will be as good as new. But the real question is, will it affect the phone if you happen to replace the battery through a third party

As mentioned before, the phone will continue to have the service message appear instead of giving the battery status. This occurrence will not really affect the performance and function of the phone but it is important to note down that this will make it harder for you to check on the health of your new battery.

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The new battery will obviously not last forever, so over time, it will probably become more and more difficult for you to have any report about your battery- whether it needs to have a replacement or a repair or whether it is in maximum condition (or not).

So, while this does not necessarily affect the phone in terms of any kind of function or performance lag, it does, however, leave your phone in a very unpredictable state of shut down. Not knowing when your battery needs a repair or replacement can lead to your phone abruptly shutting down in the midst of an important call, a videogame, etc.

Can this issue be fixed?

Now, this is a very tricky issue. You might be thinking – this ‘battery replacement’ ‘service message’ problem may just be a case of authenticity, right? With Apple wanting the phone to retain its authentic function by using an original battery.

But, get this, it does not work that way. Even with an original battery replacement, it still won’t get verified. So, what exactly is the problem and can this actually be fixed? Yes, we can. But we need to have proper knowledge about the battery and the proper tool to fix it.

If you look at an Apple battery, you can see the bottom contains a protection board. Now, this protection board houses the gas gauge and all the other small components of the circuit system. It also carries the original battery chip.

This battery chip and protection board plays a very crucial role in understanding the battery lock up and how to eventually fix this “problem”. Each of the original battery protection board basically has a secure memory key system. This is an authentication key specifically put for the battery or you can say your particular phone.

[notice type=”info”]Note this: original battery, in this case, means the factory produced ones that come along with your phone and not the original ones you purchase on your own.[/notice]

Basically, what this means is Apple has sneakily put a lock on your battery without actually bothering to ever give you the key, which is why the selected key can only be programmed or established by special protocol arrangements. Also, the secure memory key of the battery cannot be read or changed from the battery fuel gauge.

This is crucially one of the reasons why your battery replacement does not get recognized when it is done through a third party, even if it is with an original Apple battery.

How do we fix this?

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We did say earlier that you can absolutely fix this but only with the right tools and of course having the proper knowledge of what you are actually doing. The most important bit of fixing this battery is that this is not an experimental process or anything similar. It is a very serious process.

If you are not an experienced technician, you should probably not go through with this. Because in the wrong hands, the battery can combust or even explode. So, not only will this be stupid to try but also extremely dangerous. Always keep this precaution in mind.

First, take the original battery (the one which came with your phone) and carefully cut off the protection board from the battery and place it on the other new battery cell by spot welding it. In case you might be thinking, why shouldn’t I just use my soldering iron instead of spot welding it back on?

You are absolutely wrong on this. Do not try to use the soldering iron. But, if you are really good with power walls or something similar, you can definitely make this soldering happen but only if you use a micro spot welder and you have to be extremely cautious with the process.

Also, make sure you are using an original capacity cell because if you do use the extended cell, you will likely be left with doing some programming here and there and it might not also function the way you want it to.

So, to make things move along smoothly, its recommended to make the protection board transfer happen on an original capacity one. This will get your battery replacement up and running and get the Apple battery health feature to work again.


So there you have it, while the fix is quite tricky it can certainly be done with the right set of tools and equipment. To ensure a smooth process go through the set of instructions until you are familiar with it.

Just remember to bear in mind the risk factor that comes along with it before starting anything on your own.

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