Most of the people at least once check the promo code or offers available for the product before purchasing so the Price Comparing sites and coupon sites are growing day by day. The fast update you give, the more popular you will be.


Many people’s want to start this business as its giving two types of benefits i.e.

  1. Advertisements
  2. Affiliate

Usually, the coupon sites build with custom scripts (like RetailMeNot) with great frontend and backend technology.It also needs high initial investment to hire coders, UX developers etc. But if you are individual or a group but don’t have bulk money to invest initially then don’t worry, here we will guide you to setup a coupon & deals website with least cost possible.

Convert normal WordPress to awesome coupon site

To setup, first we need some basic requirements

  1. Coupon Theme / Grid Theme
  2. Coupon Plug-in (If Grid Theme Used)
  3. Additional setups
  4. Revenue

Coupon Theme / Grid Theme

Below is the list of best WordPress coupon themes available

  1. CouponPress
  2. Couponer
  3. Couponize
  4. Coupon Theme
  5. Clipper
  6. Deals (ThemeJunky)

All The above themes come with some price and you don’t need any additional coupon plug-in. Just setup theme and start your business.

If you are looking to start with free, you can start with any free grid /blog themes. In this case, you need additional coupon reveal plug-in which do the affiliate link cloaking plus reveals coupons on click.

Coupon Plug-ins

There are various coupon plug-ins available described below

  1. JC coupons lite (Free)
  2. Magic WP Coupons lite (Free)
  3. Coupon Reveal ($27)

So if you want to start with free you just need a free blog / grid theme and any free coupon plug-in (JC is quite impressive).

After setting up your theme, just create dedicated coupon pages for dedicated stores e.g. “ “and place all the coupons and deals in a single page with JC coupon shortcodes. The page will look like a branded coupon site.

This setup is used by which features recharge, fashion, food, travel coupons & mobile offers.

Additional setups

The additional setups are hosting, CDN, Domain etc.The Hosting and Domains are very cheap these days but beware don’t go with super cheap crappy hosting, any decent hosting is recommended. The CDN is free if you use from CloudFlare free plan.


So you have a coupon site but how can you earn ?? It’s simple you can apply for any advertising platform (e.g. Adsense) and also apply for affiliate partnership of desired stores. After you approved start showing ads on your site and also put/Cloke affiliate links in JC coupon plug-in.

So the Least cost Setup is

Hosting(Some Bucks)+ Domain (Some bucks)+ CDN (free)+ Theme (Free) + Coupon Plug-in (Free)= Some bucks

Final Words

So with a very little investment you can kickstart your online coupon business. Remember the content is main thing i.e. people loves if you update coupons and deals as fast as possible which also create returning visitors. So start your own coupon site and happy earning.