how-visualization-can-help-your-business-move-to-the-next-levelInformed decision making will act as the foundation on which a flourishing business is built. Being the decision maker of their business, one requires accessing to business intelligence tools that are highly visual which will help them in making the correct decisions promptly. As one’s organization develops, so will be the collected information. And if this data will be delivered through diagrams it will automatically turn more challenging in finding correlations, trends and patterns required for performing one’s job well. Visual representation speaks louder than words. It is definitely more understandable and can help to define idea, thoughts and proposals concisely. The beauty of visualization is it offers one a second language that is of the eye to communicate information. And when the language, both of the eyes and the mind are combined people begin to speak two languages at the same time, each enhancing the other. Along with helping people in communicating information better, visualization also allows them in detecting patterns, correlations and trends in their businesses that otherwise may go undetected.

The power of diagrams

In this digital age, diagrams such as mind maps, org charts, SWOT, flow charts and so on act as a blueprint offering an extensive scope to the project. It will help in translating mathematical equations and written strategies into a format which every employee can understand

  • Mind Maps – This is a wonderful graphical representation of ideas and concepts. It is a strong visual thinking tool that encourages the use of images and colour. A mind map will help in breaking down large topics into parts and create a link amid various components of the topic thereby explain the structure in a simple way.
  • Org charts – This comprises of lines and boxes which lists everyone in an organization or department starting from the top till down. With respect to visualizing the workforce of an organization, the org charts is amid the most popular. Org charts can also be used for discovering vital business insights and making strategic planning decisions
  • SWOT – SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) is a framework which can help an organization face its biggest challenges as well as find its promising new markets. It offers a tool for exploring both external and internal factors which may influence one’s work. SWOT will give a business an insight into the opportunities which lies ahead. With the help of this they can draft their strategic growth plans resting on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Flow charts – This is an effective medium for presenting different forms of business processes like the payroll flow, marketing stages or overall business model. A flowchart helps to explain a process better through text and symbols. It shows each step in clear as well as explicit detail.

Online diagramming tool

Today we have online diagramming tools with the help of which people can make professional looking diagrams like network diagram, user interface diagram, system and software diagram and business diagram. The best part about an online diagramming tool is, it comes with the needed flexibility that one needs for working on their designs, such as keyword shortcuts, zoom, pan, skew, flip and virtually unlimited redo/undo plus rotate. Every diagram can be exported to XML or PDF or email. The icing on the cake is it is equipped with unlimited revisions and autosave features, hence one will not require worrying regarding losing their changes.

Diagrams offer a medium for people in conceptualizing the material visually and engaging with the same in a manner which is not possible using lecture alone. In fact diagrams are more effective in comparison to narrative-based processes. In a nutshell, it may be stated that people should try their hands on the aforementioned diagrams.