integrate-a-job-portal-in-your-existing-wordpress-website-a-complete-list-of-pluginsAre you a website designer who is striving hard to make a new jobs site or trying to include a job board within your already existing WordPress site to boost returns? Once you’re done with the initial designing work, having a job portal can be a continuous source of money for you automatically. Till now, you should have been well acquainted with the job sites and you may have even visited some of them to know how they work and how they should look. Such job portals allow the employers or the employing companies to display their vacancies of jobs and permit the job applicants to send their application for their desired jobs in accordance with their qualifications. As increasingly large numbers of people are getting majority of their tasks done online, the job sites are also gaining momentum. If you’ve ever dreamt of designing a job site, here are some job board plugins to include in your site.

  • WP Job Manager: This is an effective yet easy-to-use WordPress plugin which is used to create a job portal in any particular WordPress website. This specific plugin works with any theme of WordPress and you are even allowed to make a few changes to CSS. You can display job postings in vaious formats through this plugin. The UI (user interface) is pretty simple for a user who is well-versed with WordPress. It is possible to edit a job posting, delete it and even mark it as ‘filled’ from the admin section.
  • Jobs & Experts: This plugin was actually invented to manage WPMU DEV’s job site, but this is also another useful plugin which helps you show profiles of candidates and job listings in your WordPress site. The plugin is the only way to connect the employers with the job seekers. The job posting characteristic of this plugin is straightforward and simple. Apart from offering budget, description and deadline, you can even share files and sample docs. The candidates will own a professional profile which includes personal information like their short bio, avatar, contact details, social media profiles and portfolio.
  • WP JobBoard: This is one more user-friendly WordPress plugin which is used for creating job sites in a prompt manner. This plugin can be used to integrate a job portal with any existing company or blog. Apart from working with any WordPress theme, this plugin even supports working with theme formats like Headway,Thesis and Genesis. It has been created after amalgamating it with different payment gateways like PayPal. As this plugin is stuffed with 15 different short codes, it is possible to insert simple job boards side by side with the other features.

Now that you know the names of the best WordPress Job Board Plugin, you can add them to your WP site in order to start off with your job portal and increase your business revenue. Select the one that is perfectly tailored to meet your needs.