internal and external links in seo why are they important

Both internal and external links are powerful in SEO. Links help improve your SEO ranking and visibility. Google loves links and will give you a high ranking if you use them properly. These are just a few reasons why links can improve your SEO. Read through to understand more about the importance of external and internal links.

Importance of Internal Links

Internal links are links that direct your customers to a page on your site. They help customers navigate your site and probably come across a variety of your services. Here is why internal links are essential.

Improves Page Views

Internal links help improve page views as the links direct customers to other pages on your site. You need to ensure you use qualitative anchor texts and provide content relevant to your audience. With these links, visitors easily discover your page, and this increases page conversions.

Improves Page Rank

Page ranks are things many site owners are struggling with. Google uses PageRank as a ranking factor. They use a metric to measure the performance of web pages depending on the backlinks that the page gets. With a high page rank, you should expect better SEO results and start reaping the benefits.

Improves User Experience

Nothing gives your page bonus points other than a good user experience. Users need an easy time navigating your site and going from one page to another. When they spend more time on your site and visit many pages, they’ll likely convert. Since you’re here to make sales, embrace anything that makes that happen.

Importance of External Links

External links are links that point to your page from a different site. This can also involve you directing the customer to a different site with trustworthy and authoritative material. For others to provide backlinks to your site, you need to have quality content. Here are the benefits of external links.

Improve Your Site’s Credibility

Adding trustworthy links to your site improves your credibility. You need backlinks with high domain authority to increase the ranking. You should make sure the links are relevant to your site. This type of link building also helps you earn Google’s trust. Google will consider your site legitimate.

Improves Your Site’s Popularity

Internal links are stable and easy metrics to measure. Their traffic numbers are publicly visible hence provide an easy metric for determining popularity. When Google understands your page’s popularity, it will definitely improve its ranking. That will be good news for your SEO strategy.

Referral Traffic

Nothing seems sweeter in SEO than traffic coming from external sources. With a good link, you can easily draw traffic to your site. If someone mentions your blog in a guest article, there are high chances that users will come looking for you.

Bottom Line

With the benefits you get from these links, it’s high time you start working on improving each of them. If you have no idea how to go about internal and external linking, you can contact an SEO agency to help out.

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