eb visa tips guidesIf you are looking forward to obtain your visa under the EB category, you will come across several visa types. In fact, all the EB visa types are Employment Based green cards. In other words, people will be able to obtain permanent residency with this visa type. The EB visa types are different from each other as well. EB1 has received a lot of attention out of them.

What Exactly Is EB-1 First Preference Visa?

The congress of United States has taken necessary steps in order to make green cards available for specific researchers, professors, business people and all other individuals who have special talents. They are being considered as priority workers. All the foreign individuals who are looking forward to be qualified for green card under this category will need to obtain labor certification as well.

The best thing about EB1 is that you don’t need to receive a job letter from an employer in Untied States to get into the country. In other words, you don’t need to have a permanent job in the country or any kind of support from the employer. All you have to do is to showcase your skills and you will be provided with the opportunity to obtain visa.

What Are the Qualifications Needed for EB-1?

All the foreigners who are living inside United States or outside United States will be able to go ahead and apply for EB-1 visa. However, there are some requirements, which the United Stated Department of Immigration has implemented. You will need to adhere to those requirements to proceed with the application.

The key requirement out of them is that all the applicants should have showed excellence in the fields, such as sports, business, education, art or science. Or else, they must have showcased an outstanding achievement, which is widely recognized. They should have received international as well as national reputation for the achievements as well. Most importantly, the applicants should be in a position to provide evidence to showcase their achievements.

What Specific Requirements Are Needed to Showcase the Outstanding Talents?

Above mentioned is a vague definition of the requirements for First Preference EB-1 Visa. If you are looking forward to apply through it, you will need to have a clearer understanding about the exact requirements.

Below mentioned is a list of such requirements, which determine whether a person is eligible to obtain EB-1 First Preference visa to get into United States or not.

  1. The applicant should have obtained a National or an International Award in one of the recognized fields for the outstanding performance. The award should not necessarily be within United States.
  2. In EB-1 First Preference visa, there is an invited membership plan as well. In here, you need to have a membership of a professional association, which has achieved an outstanding reputation in the industry for the great work done.
  3. If there are large scale commercial publications on you, or professional publications, there is a high possibility for you to get into United States via the EB-1 visa. The publications should be in major media platforms. Or else, you need to have major media reports under your name.
  4. You should have made original contributions, with the knowledge and expertise that you have to be eligible for EB-1 First Preference visa. In other words, you should not have copied content from any other sources. You must have come up with the publications on your own.
  5. People who have academic articles under their names have a higher chance of obtaining EB-1 First Preference visa. In order to showcase that, you need to have professional works published in the international or local journals. All forms of publications, including academic articles, books and academic papers.
  6. People who were able to earn reputation through showcases and exhibitions are also provided with the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in United States via EB-1 First Preference visa. However, your exhibitions and showcases must have influenced individuals and communities. If you can prove it, you can easily get selected.
  7. United States is looking forward to provide a variety of opportunities for the individuals who have showcased leadership properties. If you have successful leadership experience in the past, you can showcase them. The leadership experience can be at your workplace, or in any other professional organization.
  8. People who are getting a high salary in a specific field will be able to apply for EB-1 First Preference as well. You are getting a higher salary than your peers for a reason. Therefore, you will be able to showcase that and get EB-1 First Preference Visa.
  9. Last but not least, the individuals who had commercial success in the past will be able to obtain EB-1 First Preference visa as well. You must have had commercial success in art or any other performance.

In addition to the above mentioned requirements, you should also showcase that you will be able to continue working in the field, which you are really good at, after migrating into United States. With that, you need to show how you are contributing towards the country and how you can make it a better place for everyone to live. In addition, you should showcase that you will become an important asset to the prospective employers and the other stakeholders that you are dealing with.