foreclosed house auction investment tips guidesBuying a house is a great investment. There are many ways for you to acquire a house. If you are planning to buy one, you might want to check out house auctions. These places offer foreclosed houses at a lower price. However, you have things to consider first before buying a house here. Here are some guidelines in buying at Foreclosure Auctions.

1. Know How Foreclosed Houses Got into a House Auction

A public auction or trustee sale is the place where you can put a bid on real estate properties. When someone is guilty of not paying the mortgage that is longer than 60 days, that is when the house becomes a trustee sale.

A taxing authority is the one who is in charge over a house. This person has it as a trustee sale in case the owner needs to pay property taxes. In most cases, mortgage contracts state that if the owner of the house cannot follow the terms agreed on, the lending company can begin the foreclosure process.

When the owner fails to pay the loan payment, they receive “notice of default” notification through letters from the bank. If they fail in giving the payment, the bank will send another letter stating that they will sell the property in 21 days.

When the lending company has the property, it will try to retrieve the loan balance. This company can ask someone to take in charge of getting back the property so that it can sell the house at a foreclosure auction.

If you plan to buy at a trustee sale, you can have the property you want immediately.

2. Have an Approved Loan before Purchasing a Foreclosed House

To make the most out of the foreclosure auction, you should have a loan that was approved before going there. Then, you will get a letter stating that the mortgage has been approved. However, it is only for a certain amount of time.

If you have this letter, you have an evidence. It shows that you can afford to buy a house at a foreclosure auction.

3. Bring Some Cash When You Go to a Foreclosure Auction

During the auction, the trustee will be the one to start the bid and identify the minimum bid for each property that is auctioned. The cost of a foreclosed house includes the loan balance and the fees for the attorney.

For the bid to be accepted, the bidders should visit the auction. Other lending companies ask for an advanced cash deposit so that they can determine if the person is a serious bidder.


Finally, you should make a final decision of attending and bidding for a house at a foreclosure auction only if you have understood what you are getting yourself into. Purchasing a house is not an easy decision to make, so you have to be careful. If you follow the guidelines given, you will be a happy house owner in no time.