As with many specialized industries, healthcare providers require specially designed IT systems that are capable of fulfilling the many roles required in the modern hospital setting. The below infographic displays why IT systems are so crucially important to delivering the best possible care to every patient. Not only does good record keeping help to improve efficiency, but a well maintained IT system also improves patient safety and reduces the costs of delivering higher quality care.

The area of study concerned with maintaining IT systems to the standards necessary to meet obligations to patients is called health informatics. A masters in health informatics is a great first step towards a rewarding career in medicine, especially for those with strong IT skills. Providing excellent healthcare in hospitals has the desirable knock-on effect of improving the health of the general population. Treating patients properly when they present at a hospital can potentially save another person from needing to visit at all.

health ecosystem

The online masters in health information infographic was produced by the University of Cincinnati.