kidgy parental control appWith our increased dependency on social media, there are new perks and dangers lurking around behind the walls of internet. Keeping ourselves safe from various web threats is tough enough…so think about what our children might face when they come across internet. Everything will be new and exciting for them and we certainly don’t want them to look into inappropriate things. That is why parental controls on iPhone are a must for the present generation.

Kidgy – a Blessing for Working Parents

I am a mother of two and I am always concerned about what my children are watching over the internet as they are just approaching teenage. So, I started using parental controls in our television as well as in my smartphone. I have tried many apps and one of the most efficient ones that I have come across is Kidgy. The app has got tons of parental control features and it really helps me control what my curious children are up to on the web.

What Kidgy Offers?

You can check what you children are texting their friends. And guess what? Even when the children delete certain messages (which most certainly makes the messages fishy and doubtful), you will still be able to read them as the app saves them all for you. You can view all the sent, received and deleted messages that your children send and get the full SMS report through the Kidgy SMS tracker. The app can be used to control cyber bullying which is often the reason behind children’s depression. Now you don’t want your children depressed because of some bully in school, right? This app is for you! Kidgy also has a location tracker which will track your kids’ whereabouts. You can check your children’s GPS location, check where they had been throughout the day and the route they took. Sometimes you leave your children for a party but you never know where they might head to in your absence. You can keep safe zones and you will get alerts when your children breach the zones. You can set virtual barriers through this app and make sure your children don’t cross their lines. This feature makes this app one hell of a parental control app for iPhones. You can monitor your children web history and their current internet activity anytime, anywhere. Restriction to adult sites and other inappropriate websites can be done very effectively through this app. The daily scheduler feature of the app will help you set up tasks remotely too.

Is Kidgy Good Enough?

To be frank, it is more than enough! The app supports both iOS and Android devices and is quite easy to understand and use. The user interface of the app makes it super easy to operate and fast too. For all those working parents out there, giving enough time to your children for their safety can be a tough job to crack. God forbid if anything bad happens to your kids in your absence or because of your job, then you won’t be able to forgive yourself after that. So, make use of this amazing parental control app for the safety of your children.