coin mining toolsCoin mining is like participating in the lottery where you have to compete with everyone using your mining tools to earn the most cryptocurrency coins. You should use a fast coin mining hardware to get more tries per second to win the coins.

The cryptocurrency networks adjust their platforms every week to keep a high rate of finding the winning block hash every 10 minutes. The transactions that are recorded in the public ledger are secured during the coin mining. You should have the proper tools and internet connection for coin mining. It is important for disruption in cryptocurrency network scales with the amount of hashing power that is used by all the participants of mining. Here are the importing mining tools you will need for cryptocurrency mining.

Coin Mining Hardware

The entire cryptocurrency mining procedure is handled by the coin mining hardware.

1. CPU

Once CPU was the only tool available for mining the coins. It was done by using the original Satoshi client. To secure the network and earn more coins the miners introduced many innovations in the system and now CPU mining is high-tech and relatively futile. Using the CPU mining you can mine the coins for decades. The CPU mining rig consists of:

  • Graphics card for generating coins.
  • A power supply of 750 to 1000w+.
  • Motherboard with minimum 3 PCI-E slots.

2. GPU

The high-end graphics cards are efficient at coin mining and it helps to change the entire landscape. You can connect the CPU mining rig with the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). Most of the GPUs have the same working platform like CPU due to which the coin mining power increased 50 to 100 times. It uses less power per unit as compared to other mining tools.


When the CPU mining rig was upgraded to GPU, a new system, Field Programmable Gate Array was introduced. It is a specifically developed hardware only used for mining. The FPGA single by the Butterfly Labs is the first and most successful system used for mining. It allowed the coin mining farms to be constructed at an operational profit. With FPGA cryptocurrency mining showed 5 times improved results. FPGA is the beginning of the coin mining industry.


Recently, the Application Specified Integrated Circuit has been introduced for coin mining. The ASIC is a chip, which has been specifically designed for mining cryptocurrency. You cannot readjust the ASIC system to conduct other tasks like FPGAs system.

  • The hashing power has been increased 50x to 100x and it can increase no more.
  • Power usage has been reduced 7 times.

Power consumption is the most important factor that you have to consider while buying the ASIC system. You will notice that the lifetime of the ASIC mining device is longer as compared to the other technologies. Some of the mining hardware that has minor importance in the mining rig is:

  • CPU is only required to run the operating system, otherwise, it is useless.
  • There is no need to worry about RAM because mining is not RAM intensive.
  • Hard drive is only required for the storage of data and to run the operating system.

While building the rig you should avoid the computer case. It is an intense system and to protect your devices from heating up you have to assure that maximum air flow through them.

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