modern-web-design-mistakes-made-with-ecommerce-websitesWeb design advances at a really fast pace. What we thought as being impossible only a couple of years ago is now considered normal. While this fast rate advancement is something that is highly beneficial, it also brings in some problems.

In an attempt to make ecommerce sites more appealing for the visitors, professional web design companies keep learning and implementing the latest technologies. Unfortunately, because of the misunderstanding of what is needed to make a modern site convert well, we end up with different problems.

If you want to make your ecommerce site effective and actually sell, you want to avoid the following mistakes.

Not Using Enough Product Images

Visual images will emphasize content and a problem that is quite common at the moment is not taking advantage of what product pictures can offer. Because of the fact that an image is the only thing that a visitor can use to see if a product should be purchased, it is really important that you use high resolution pictures and that you add more than one, preferably portraying the product from different angles.

Not Adding Information About The Company Behind The Site

When you buy something online you want to see the company behind the products. The problem is that many sites simply add basic information. This is not a good approach. You want to basically add different ways for the consumer to contact you and you want to show that there is a real, registered and honest company behind all the services/products presented.

We should add that it is a good idea to also add a way for the consumer to ask questions through the ecommerce site. Do be sure that you make communication between you and the interested buyer as easy as possible!

Too Much Clutter On The Homepage

Modern web design is capable of creating almost anything that you want. However, it can also lead towards adding too many elements on one page. This is a mistake that you never want to make. Most buyers are going to initially come into contact with the shop’s homepage. In an attempt to showcase as much as possible, web designers sometimes make the mistake of adding too much to this page.

The homepage has to be simple and straight-to-the-point. This practically means that the bestselling products are those that should be showcased, together with the special deals and discounts that are available. Combine that with a well-built search system and you will end up with something that is really effective.


One of the most important things that you have to remember about designing an ecommerce website is that you have to keep trying to see what works best. If there is too much added to a page, you want to remove what is extra. If there is not enough, you will have to add more. Modern web design offers you endless possibilities but you should try to find a perfect mix between what is absolutely needed and what is not.