magento-amazon-cloud-hostingMagento shop configuration is highly essential because we live in a space where every nanosecond counts and every customer on the store is highly impatient. If the shop is having a slow response time, it creates a huge negative impact on the conversion rate. The potential customers waver off to some other online client and their gain becomes your loss. In order to ensure that your Magento shop grows in lines with the ever changing server and e-commerce, you will get the business you desire.

Magento shops are the most flexible and strong e-commerce platform where your needs can be scaled down and only a perfect hosting configuration is the key element for easy scaling. If you optimize the configuration and set up a high performance setup of the server, the response times of the Magento stores will have more than five millions views and around four hundred orders placed online. It optimizes in a way that it has an improved capacity to accommodate, better conversion rate, high number of visitors and improved hardware efficiency.

Services of Amazon for Magento Hosting

There are various testing that are run in background and an optimal combination of software and hardware configuration with data caching is used to improve the processing power and which also helps in supporting a large number of page views and orders each day.

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute – It delivers scalable and pay according to the need capacity in the cloud.
  • Amazon CloudFront – This web service is easy to distribute content via a network of edge locations.
  • Elastic Load Balancing – It distributes the incoming traffic across Amazon instances.
  • Auto Scaling – It scale the Amazon capacity up and down according to the defined conditions.
  • Amazon Storage Services – It is basically for Internet and designed to make web-scaling easy.
  • Amazon Route – It is a high scalable domain name system web service.
  • Amazon Cache – This web service is easy to deploy and operate with a memory cache in the cloud.
  • Amazon Database Service – This web service is used to set up, scale and operate a relational database in the cloud.

Mage2Cloud is important asit improves the flexibility, performance, development speed, pricing, redundancy and security. Amazon’s high performance stack is optimized for Magento hosting. The usage of light weight and high performance appliances makes it to perform better.

Magento hosting companies have great support in providing consulting services to customers who want to take advantage of the cloud hosting which has all the managed services for all types of customers which are low on budget or even who are high on budget.

Moving to the Amazon cloud was never as easy as the free migration services are streamlined by expert migration administrators. They will move the entire store from the old hosting company to the new managed cloud service. This Mage2Cloud is under the complete control of the Magento server and supporting and managing the patches is done by the Amazon cloud. They monitor it continuously in case of any high-end alerts.