introducing gogopdf’s repair tool to fix your damaged pdf

If you are working with multiple paperless documents on your laptop or desktop, you cannot make sure that all of them are working. There will always be some damaged or corrupted files. Damaged PDFs are caused by several factors. Some of these reasons include viruses and improper system shutdown.

When your documents become corrupted, vital data can be lost in the blink of an eye. But, this can be avoided if you will immediately fix the problem. You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious to know how to repair your damaged PDFs. We have gathered these easy steps in repairing your files via GoGoPDF.

How To Use GoGoPDF’s Tool To Repair Your PDFs?

If you notice that your PDFs are currently damaged, never panic. GoGoPDF will offer you the best PDF repair solution to fix the problem. GoGoPDF is a cloud-based tool that provides innovative technology for your documents. To get you started, you just have to visit the website and follow these painless procedures.

Drag And Drop Your Damaged PDF

The first thing you will have to do to get your damaged PDFs fixed is to open your file manager, choose PDFs, and drag and drop them into the site’s toolbox. Another option is to click the “Select Files” button located in the center of the box, and it will automatically direct you to your device’s storage.  There are also Dropbox and Google Drive icons in the toolbox. You can also tap one of them to get your files uploaded.

Wait For The Process To Be Completed

After choosing which documents you wish to recover, the site’s tool will automatically assess all inputs and begin fixing them. Wait for the process to be completed before you can save the final output. When finished, all of your uploaded documents will be removed from the site’s server. As a result, it ensures the confidential information of your PDFs.

Share The Tool’s Supremacy

Once completed, you can rest assured that your damaged PDFs have been repaired. To let your friends know the tools you have used, you can share the site through email with a personalized message. You can also copy the generated link and send it to your online friends and colleagues. Rest assured that your documents will remain safe and protected.

Save Your Newly Fixed PDF

Once the entire procedure is completed, save your fixed PDFs on your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. You can also save them directly on your device. Another option is to share them on your social media accounts for easy access. You just have to copy the generated file link to do this.

Benefits Of Using GoGoPDF To Fix Your PDFs

Apart from ensuring the privacy of your personal documents, GoGoPDF is also known for having the safest and fastest recovery process. Furthermore, there will be no prying eyes that can harm your privacy. Consider these additional benefits of using GoGoPDF to fix your damaged and corrupted PDFs.

Supports Multiple Browsers And Platforms

GoGoPDF works on a variety of platforms, including Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows. You can also use any device to access it, including tablets, personal computers, phones, and laptops. To ensure a painless and engaging customer experience, visit their website using Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or some other renowned browsers. It will be fast and easy as long as you are connected to a stable internet connection.

Fastest Procedure

If you want an immediate solution for your corrupted PDFs, visit GoGoPDF, and in just a few clicks, everything will be fixed. The website is one of the fastest innovative technologies nowadays. They know how to provide excellent service for their clients worldwide. Thus, if you have an urgent solution, GoGoPDF is your one-call-away friend.

Simple Interface

One of the great features of this online platform is its simple interface. When you access the platform, you will notice that all of the necessary steps are well-provided, the tools are simple to use, and the colors used for the site are soothing to your eyes. These make the site advantageous compared to other cloud-based platforms.

Secure Procedure

The overall process is completely secure. After 60 minutes, they will remove the uploaded documents from their server. Their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service cover the security of your file’s content.  Your confidential data will be in the safest hands.


A variety of factors can cause PDFs to be corrupted or damaged. Whatever the possible causes, you should always feel responsible for seeking the optimal solution, especially if the document contains sensitive information. Inspect, restore, and safeguard your privacy by using GoGoPDF.