parental-control-apps-shielding-kids-from-the-dark-side-of-the-webThere’s no denying the psychological devastation that objectionable content of adult nature is capable of causing. Unfortunately, youngsters, who’re perhaps most susceptible to its detrimental effects, are the least protected from it. The advent of smartphones and their prevalence among kids has raised the risk even further by granting kids greater privacy and freedom to sneak into the dark and shady areas on the web, an urge they’re often not strong enough to resist.

The situation is far grimmer than it looks, but besting the menace is not really as hard as the negligence and lack of action on the part of us parents has made it look. In fact, saving kids from the clutches of inappropriate content can easily be achieved through use of parental control apps such as ShieldMyTeen. These tools take a rather simplistic but extremely effective approach to tame a relentless threat.

Let’s briefly look at how a parental control app proves itself useful in shielding kids from the plethora of unsuitable content on the web.

Block Access to Inappropriate Content

Simply requesting kids to refrain from visiting adult visits is likely to prove futile. They might exhibit obedience and respect the rules while someone’s watching, but the moment they find themselves on their own, they can easily succumb to the temptation of viewing websites, pictures, and videos that aren’t suitable for someone their age.

Parental control apps tackle this issue by filtering the web through restricting access to adult sites. This is made possible by empowering parents to specify certain terms, categories, or even URLs that they want blocked on their child’s device. Once that is done, it becomes a lot harder for kids to take advantage of times when no one’s looking.

Gain Browsing Insights

While restricting adult sites on a child’s device is an excellent measure, it alone may prove inadequate. It’s imperative to remain vigilant and keep a watchful eye on a child’s browsing habits to ensure they aren’t bypassing imposed restrictions through proxies, VPN apps like FalcoVPN or DroidVPN, etc.

Again, this concern is addressed by parental control apps by logging everything that a child does on a smartphone. This includes the sites they visited, along with the time and date of those visits. These details are transferred to an online account, from where they can be viewed and analyzed by parents. Complete insights are provided by parental controls so that remains known what a child has been up to on the web and a timely action can be taken in case a need arises.

Manage from Anywhere at Any Time

When it comes to convenience, parental controls sure are in a league of their own. They make it possible to protect kids from the dark side of the web without even needing to physical access a child’s device every few days for thorough inspection. Instead, the device can be supervised and managed from any device and at any time. This way, it becomes possible to block sites and silently watch what the kids are up to online at all times regardless of where the child is at that time.

It is important to keep in mind that despite parental control app’s ability to carry out their function silently, it’s best to take kids onboard before installing such an app on their mobile devices. This can provide them with an assurance that no one is trying to deprive them of their privacy and that the precaution is being taken just to ensure their safety. As a result, they’re likely to put up less resistance and refrain from exploring different options to bypass the restrictions imposed.