With Google’s acquisition of Nest Labs a year ago, as Eric Schmidt puts it, “The Internet will become invisible”. According to analyst Gartner, they predict some 4.9 Billion ‘Smart objects’ to be used in this year and predicts it to rise over to 25 billion by 2020, more than the population on our planet. The increase in Smart objects and the Internet of Things is quickly making the privacy line disappear virtually. Privacy on the Internet of things is now virtually non-existent as our daily activities are going on to leave behind a heavy digital trail.

The internet itself isn’t a harmful tool but the way Big Data is dealt with rises to potential privacy threats to its users. We sacrifice our data on the internet to make use of applications on the web, think of Facebook. The collective data of all the users constitute big data and corporates use them to target their potential customers better, but there is a trade-off made when it comes to privacy of the users’ data. The insatiable desire for everything free is making users’ trade-off their privacy for making use of these tools and applications. We use hundreds of digital tools and applications that come with their privacy policies and over of the population simply accept them just for a better experience on the web.

VPN – The only viable solution to this issue

With all major corporates, agencies and even your ISP vouching for the valuable data of users, there has to be a way out of this privacy issue on the internet. In the present state of the web, making use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN is the only possible solution to safeguard your data from the data mongers. What makes a VPN help you safeguard your privacy is its encryption and tunnelling technologies.

By using a VPN, you can tunnel your traffic through the own servers of the service provider, usually located at different parts of the world. Before even tunnelling your traffic through their servers, your IP address can also be spoofed, making it hard for them to relate your data back to you. This data is also particularly encrypted by the available SSL encryption protocols to make sure that the data is untraceable to its creator in any condition whatsoever. A good VPN service provider will offer you the reliability and safeguarding of your internet data.

Good VPN Tools

If you go out on the internet looking for some good VPN service providers, you will likely find a host of them willing to provide you their servers to tunnel your web traffic through and to stay off the grid. But a good VPN service provider will bestow upon you a host of other features and encryption protocols that you will likely have to shell out more in the case of other service providers. We have scoured the web for the right VPN tool to safeguard your online privacy and something that would provide you more encryption protocols at a competitive price.


HideIPVPN is one such good VPN service provider that you can definitely consider using given the features, service and support that they provide. The tool comes with great documentation and support, to get you started on using one of their premium VPN services, without requiring even any technical knowledge to get started with it.

HideIPVPN Connection

The tool offers five of the best VPN encryption protocols in the market right now – OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and SoftEther, which is one of the most recent and highly advanced versions of the encryption tools used in VPN services. They have servers in four different countries – USA, UK, Netherlands and Germany; and you can choose from them depending on your required task to be performed. A simple choosing of the encryption protocol, the location of your VPN server and hitting the ‘Connect’ will just get you started on your VPN connection.

Among the other features that this tool offers, it includes an ‘Application killer’ that automatically shuts down all pre-determined apps in the event of an accidental disconnection from your VPN server.

Bonus SmartDNS


For those of you looking forward to make use of a VPN service for accessing blocked content in your native lands, HideIPVPN also offer a great SmartDNS service, which is provided as a bonus in some VPN packages.

Now you can easily unblock and access hundreds of geographically-restricted media content.


HideIPVPN Pricing

The pricing table seen above summarizes perfectly the pricing scheme of the VPN plans on HideIPVPN. The $9.99/month plan gets you access to all four of their US/UK/NL/DE servers, in addition to Free SmartDNS and proxy features.


Given the present state of the Internet and the ISP’s, corporates and agencies vying for the data of the users, a VPN makes sense to safeguard your right to privacy on the web. As with the present situations, a VPN service is the only thing that makes perfect sense for users to protect their online data.