seo tactics to get you in the google 3 pack

Promoting a local business online is slightly different because you need to focus on your target market. Increased visibility to local consumers means making sure that your SEO tactics will guarantee relevance to local consumers. And with Google, the most relevant results are on the top 3 SERPs also called Google Pack 3. Most SEO services understand the importance of optimizing for a local consumer base. Why? Because nearby customers offer the biggest opportunity to increase sales. If these local consumers can easily find your business online, they are more likely to come in and make a purchase.

What makes the Google 3-Pack important for SEO services?

The Google 3-Pack is one way for Google to promote local businesses. The results here contain vital information such as phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, links to the website, and many more. And because Google gives prime importance to the user experience, one ranking factor that matters for SEO services is search relevance.

Local businesses rely on store or shop visitors to generate sales. Even though most brick and mortar shops maintain a website, the primary goal of hiring Austin SEO services is to increase online visibility so that these people will eventually go to the shop and purchase. But according to research, around half of searches are completed without the user making a single click. This means that it’s possible for a user to get the answers by simply looking at the first few SERPs.

How does Local SEO impact Google 3-Pack ranking?

Google ranks websites according to a variety of factors. These factors include distance, prominence, and relevance. For local search results, distance is critical because a user will only find the result relevant when it’s near. Regardless of the listing is within the same city, for example, relevance will matter if the businesses are miles apart from each other. Indeed, SEO services are needed to help businesses because optimizing websites and webpages to meet Google’s requirements will increase ranking performance.

SEO best practices to get good Google 3-Pack ranking

Now that you know why getting ranked in the Google 3-Pack is vital for local businesses, the next step is to understand how to achieve this goal. SEO services can employ a variety of techniques, but here are several best practices that are most effective.

Optimizing the Google my Business page

This page is where your customers get information about your business. Google also crawls this page for business details that will help your website rank higher. Providing your target audience with useful information makes your business more visible and discoverable to potential customers. If you don’t know if there’s already a GMB registered for your business, you can always check online. If there’s one already created, you can claim this page and start optimizing the page. So how do you optimize the GMB page?

  • According to Austin SEO services, details on the page should be current, engaging, and complete. Make sure that the information listed on the page is useful to the readers. The details here should answer essential questions such as: what services do you offer? What are the contact details for your establishment? What are the hours of operation?
  • Verifying the location on Google maps is another technique to optimize your GMB page. There are several steps available on Google that will guide you in claiming and verifying your location.
  • Local business hours are another vital piece of information that you need to help optimize the GMB page. It may sound simple, but SEO services Austin companies advise to make sure that the information is always updated. If there are seasonal changes to the schedule such as during holidays, it should be updated right away.
  • If possible include images of your business. High-quality images should appear in the profile and location.

Lastly, you need to respond to and manage reviews from customers. Responding to reviews is a good practice because it tells them that you care.

A responsive website makes a big difference

SEO services can’t stress enough the importance of an excellent user experience. When Google launched mobile-friendly indexing, sites that optimized for mobile use got a boost in ranking. Aside from mobile-friendly pages, the user experience also pertains to page loading time, navigability, and high-quality content. Speaking of quality content, we can utilize Twitch as well as a streaming service to engage your audience with buy Twitch followers, you can create a community in an instant.

Get quality reviews posted on the page

When potential consumers search for a business, they don’t only look for the nearest one, but also which business is best. Google search results will contain not only the location of the business but also the reviews or ratings. And often a business that has higher ratings will trump one that is closer to the searcher. Getting reviews for your GMB page is critical not only to build a reputation but also to increase your chances of getting the Google 3-Pack ranking. Also, snippets of the reviews left by your customers will also appear in the search results. Hence, you’ll need good reviews to appeal better to your target audience.

How do you get good reviews? The first technique to consider is making sure that you encourage or remind customers to leave reviews. When you send emails to your customers, always include a link to your page so that they can leave positive feedback. Along with positive feedback already listed on your website, don’t forget to add a link to your review page so that customers can also leave their comments.

Strengthen local SEO strategies

Techniques used for organic SEO and local SEO differ in some aspects. But, there are certain best practices that overlap between the two. Making sure that your website is optimized and all elements are considered will increase your chances of getting ranked in the Google 3-Pack.


This article further emphasizes the role of Google 3-Pack ranking and local SEO. That’s why SEO services Austin companies never underestimate the importance of local SEO and Google 3-Pack rankings in promoting a business. Boosting your local presence and making sure that customers discover your business easily is one way to increase sales. With the recommended best practices here, you can improve your current digital marketing strategy and compete with other local businesses in your area.