web-design-christmasWith Christmas just over 4 weeks away, many businesses are so busy with clients and sales or decorating their offices, homes or shops that they often neglect to change their website design to fit in with Christmas.

If you are a retailer, wanting to compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay, just like these sites, your website or blog is your shop window and the virtual handshake that helps you create that everlasting first impression, which is why it’s important that your site is vibrant and regularly updated to fit in with the seasons.

Here are some reasons why you should update your website design to fit in with Christmas:

Deck the halls with boughs of holly by adding music, animation and widgets

Embrace the Christmas spirit, why not be a little daring? After all it is Christmas. A more appealing website will attract more clients so why not deck out the site with boughs of holly or better still add a countdown widget or some cheesy Christmas singing and dancing Santa’s onto your site. Shoppers prefer to buy from a fun and interactive website that shows the festive spirit.

Not only that, but your website will also get more attention and will forever be remembered in the minds of your existing and new customers.

Update your website design regularly

Changing your website to fit in with Christmas shows that your business is not only fun, vibrant and imaginative, but is also a company who regularly updates their websites and cares about its products and customers. Search engines prefer websites that have regular updated content and these are the sites who rank higher in the search listening. If you start designing your website today you could land yourself an early Christmas present by appearing higher within the website rankings.

This the season to be jolly – More clients – more traffic = more sales

More clients, equals more traffic leading to more sales. People like to visit eye-catching websites that are easy to navigate and have lots of video, images and good content. Customers are more likely to return to your site if they see changes or updates on each return visit. Being able to offer your customers some useful information in addition to your sales pitch will also help to bring traffic to your web site.

Hire a Professional web designer

Choosing an expert web designer will help make sure that your business continues to thrive online as your website design is updated to fit in with regular themes and campaigns.

If you would like to discuss your web design requirements, why not give your website an early Christmas present by revamping it with festive images. Remember, you don’t have to make extensive changes to our site to make it look festive, by adding simple images, templates or widgets can make a huge difference to your site. Bob design and marketing are specialists in the field of web design who can give you the right tools and advice to support your website’s ongoing success by introducing easily updatable features and web tracking technology. For more information email give Bob a call on 0117 973 9326 and arrange your free consultation today.