smart device gaming phenomenons get your device protected nowYou must have heard about Pokémon Go by now. Maybe you have even seen some people hunting down the elusive creatures. If you watch wrestling, you may have noticed that for a few weeks one of the wrestlers, R Truth, was playing it on screen. He even walked through the middle of a ring while there was a match going on trying to catch one of the critters!

Anyway, while you are paying more attention to your device’s screen as opposed to what you are doing, you increase the chances of running into something, walking into a hole, tripping over something, etc. All of this increases your chances to hurt both yourself and your device. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet devised a workable protection system to protect us when we are clumsy, but there is hope for your device.


Enter BodyGuardz. The year was 2002, the place, Draper, UT. A company began making screen protectors for only a limited amount of devices. Since then, the protectors that were so good that they earned a reputation and created customer loyalty made the business grow until they were listed as one of the fastest growing companies of 2015.

They also branched out a bit. Now, they also make protective skins for Apple devices and Samsung devices among a few others.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, let’s take a look at one of their screen protectors.

The Crown

This is a screen protector unlike any other. This is actually a protection system that utilizes two pieces. It gives you coverage that runs from one edge of the device all the way across to the other edge. It gives you protection that has a seamless transition between aluminum and glass. They successfully tackled the issue that is existent with devices that have rounded edges. Typical tempered glass protectors can’t contour to those edges. Bodyguardz attacked this problem by using a tempered glass screen protector coupled with an aluminum rim. With their express align tray, you can have everything aligned perfectly and installed in just a matter of seconds.

And that is just one of their products.

Armor Carbon Fiber

This is one of the protective skins that BodyGuardz makes. It is billed as being the ultimate when it comes to things like protection for your device and expression as well. Each one of these skins has been custom designed to perfectly fit your Macbook, tablet or smartphone while also providing tough protection from scratches. This product also gives coverage that is edge to edge.

IMPORTANT – This is not a case for your device. It is a skin. The durable protection is stylish and extremely thin. It is easy to put on your device and just as easy to remove. This strong textured film is made from carbon fiber that is PVC based.

Looking to the Future

Yes, the Pokemon Go craze might be in the recent past and has definitely already peaked, but there will be more games of that nature to come. In fact, pretty soon, gamers will be able to play Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on iOS.

Back in 2008, the game was released on Nintendo DS and people loved it. This game is unique and funny and the text scrolling is broken up by activities that can be quite varied. The new version for iOS has been given a few upgrades in the graphics department and has been altered slightly in order to accommodate a mobile screen. However, the stories and gameplay are essentially the same.

Play this game and any other game with confidence when you have the protection that BodyGuardz offers on your device.