stock market analysis software the top 4 packagesHaving the right stock market analysis software can make the difference between reading real-time news, and being left behind. The right software can potentially leave you with a better chance of making a profit, just as Timothy Sykes and many other investors have.

But what is the best software, and how can you ensure you buy packages that are right for you? We’re going to take a look at this now:


MetaStock is thought to be the very best stock market software in terms of price. With great global data, and offering a broad coverage, this software offers information about EFT’s, futures, equities, and more.

MetaStock is also the ideal software to use if you want an in-depth analysis of a company’s debt structure. Having had global success, the makers of this software are thought to have created 2017’s best package.

Telechart 2000 V17

Built by Worden Brothers, Telechart 2000 V17 is thought to be a close second behind MetaStock, This software offers high-quality weekly seminars and real-time fundamentals that have layers of technical screens.

Telechart 2000 V17 is only available in the United States and Canada, making it inaccessible for anyone living elsewhere. Those in the U.S. and Canada may wish to make use of the ‘Stock Finder’ tool that’s very intuitive, even if it can’t automatically place trades.

The ‘Stock Finder’ is only offered to those who have a platinum membership, so you may want to consider upgrading if you want to make use of this powerful tool.


QuantShare is considered to be the ideal software for anyone who does not need real-time data feeds. If you do however like to have watchlists, user generated systems, and analysis tools that have a bit of power to them, you should consider QuantShare.

With a large selection of fundamentals and more than 500 technical indicators, this particular software is thought to be leading the way in chart analysis.

While QuantShare is by no means the easiest package to set up and use, the user generated systems and analysis tools are likely to make up for it.


One of the best pieces of stock market analysis software has to be TradeStation. Sold for a good price, and known for its great customer service, this package is well worth considering.

With real time news, and a good amount of flexibility when it comes to filtering and market screening TradeStation doesn’t offer any market commentary. However, the software does offer full-broker integration, live analysis of your profit and loss, real time news, and more.

Another good reason to use this particular software is that it’s quite easy to use. This recently released software offers data on insider traders, the commitments of traders, and even how many people are employed by the business you’re buying shares in.

TradeStation is an impressive software package, made by a company that certainly knows what it’s doing.