One of the main motives of technology is to make the life of its users easier. New products and enhancements hit the markets every day and people are finding it easier to attend to their routine tasks. Among these many advancements, the following are five inventions which considerably lessen daily hassles.

1. CATable

tech innovation catable
This table is for people who have a desk job and also happen to own a pet cat. Cats are curious beings and nothing interests them as much as mazes do, so why not combine the work and your pet’s fun time? The CATable is designed to have interconnected holes along its width which are connected through curvy routes and have multiple escapes, and performs the function of a perfectly good table where you can sit with your electronic or paper work to attend it. Quite a handy invention!

2. Egg Sandwich maker

egg sandwich maker
An egg sandwich maker is a technological milestone because it saves the time taken to prepare breakfast, which means that the next time you accidentally get late for work, you do not have to miss breakfast! The maker is very simple to use, and is not just a used for preparing an egg and fitting it between two slices of toasted bread, the design allows people to experiment and add all their favorite ingredients all at once. For people who target a heavy and healthy breakfast every morning on the go, this is your purchase to make.

3. The Baby Stroller

baby stroller
Baby strollers were an excellent design to ease the pressure off of the arms of parents while they took their babies out for a walk or shopping for grocery. The Baby Stroller is an incredible new invention which makes the procedure of going out for work with your baby a lot faster because it is a stroller AND a scooter! The benefits of the invention include, but are not limited to, exercise without extra effort, the baby enjoying a faster ride, and your transportation time being reduced by half.

4. Rotating Sockets

rotating socket
While using an extension board we are often faced with the dilemma of there being a perfectly free socket that cannot be used to plug in another device/charger simply because the two other plugs beside it are too big and a third between them cannot fit. These sockets can be rotated at will to any direction according to the need of the user. What is even more appealing is that these boards are made of Legos! However, as with any other extension cable, it is not advised to connect heavy loads to it.

5. Reusable candles

reusable candles
Some people have an obsession with using different scented and colored candles. It is disheartening, however, to see them melt away so soon, which lead to the design of reusable candles which can be used for twice as long as the original. A cylinder attached to the bottom of the candle collects the melted wax and when the candle fully lights out, the solidified wax acts as the fuel for the next run!