the-best-themes-for-your-seo-friendly-websiteWordPress used to only be known for its use in blogging, but it’s just recently shown just how much of a powerhouse it is for finding themes that make your site look as good as it can. These themes are also very SEO friendly, so they’ll be giving you more in the way of ad money. You’ll also be saving a ton on web hosting too.

Using Adsense to maximize your ad revenue is a great idea. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to find an enticing way to present your ads without annoying your visitor. Adsense is fairly easy to start up it’s great with SEO, and it doesn’t require prior knowledge to get started.

The only thing about this SEO friendly approach is that your site needs to get a great deal of hits in order to qualify. If this seems like something your company is capable of, there are plenty of Adsense and SEO friendly themes that will get you started.

Newspaper Theme

This theme is great because of the fact that it’s going to increase your popularity and view count. There’s even a mobile version that improves the loading time when viewed on a mobile device. This is all an automatic function, by the way. You won’t have to do anything on your part. This theme comes with twelve different layouts, so you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Divi Theme

This is an SEO friendly theme that focuses on the online advertising aspect of site creation. This will be great for those entrepreneurs who are looking to break into mass-market level. This theme is great for those who want to globalize because it can be translated into other languages very easily, and right to left reading can even be accommodated.

GoodLife Theme

This theme has a bit of a learning curve, as it’s designed for  a savvier user who has a good understanding about where the market is headed right now. There’s a visual plugin that allows you to place ads literally wherever you want on the page.

With this SEO friendly theme, you’ll have total control over the aesthetic of your site. This theme is also compatible with Social Integration and Jetpack. It also retrieves its profiles off of social media at a time that the admin can setup themselves.

The Voux Theme

The great thing about this SEO friendly theme is that it’s ready for retina right off the bat. Its pages can be fully customized and you can even use mega menus that will allow you to use categories and tags as a source in the theme. What this means is that the next article on the list will load while the user is scrolling, so everything will be that much quicker for your user.

If their visiting experience is this smooth, they’ll be much more likely to appreciate the site and so click on an ad. This is a good theme for news, and it has social media built in so that it’s that much easier for your content to go viral. Any and all of the data that’s shared is then stored in WordPress all to make your experience that simpler, so there are a lot of pluses for this theme.

Interactive Theme

This is one of the more affordable themes, so it’s very easy to bring people on board right off the ground floor. This is a great, SEO friendly theme that can and should be used by admins who are trying to approach a more intimate setting for their site. There is a bevy of features that will allow you to get a large number of visitors coming to your site and ultimately clicking ads.

Another great thing about this theme is that there’s a great deal of color customization available to you as an administrator. There is also a great deal of Google Fonts that you can use as well as an automatic translation service. This way you’ll be able to reach visitors all around the world.

WordX Theme

This theme is for the minimalist who is all about having the right aesthetic. This SEO friendly theme would work best in the setting of travel blogging, online mags, and similar sites that could take advantage of the crisp presentation.

This theme is great because it gives you control of nearly every aspect of the site creation process, and you can mix and match any of the visuals to deliver the look you’re trying to achieve. This is another theme with automatic translation capabilities, so you’ll be reaching a ton of people all across the world.

WordX as a theme is known for its SEO optimization. All of this means that you’ll be reaching a massive number of people in an exceedingly short period of time. It’s been outfitted too with a carousel feature. This saves time for your visitor by presenting them the best content on your site. You definitely can’t go wrong with this SEO friendly theme.

Which theme is right for you? The options are many, but the choice is yours.

While this list isn’t by any means exhaustive, it should get you well on your way toward delivering a comprehensive experience to your visitors in a way that captures your aesthetic wishes while reaching a large number of visitors. We’ve seen here what works best. It’s a mix of customization for the administrator, full language support, and automatic translation services.

It’s about adjusting your layout and ad locations to be just right where you need to be on ad revenue and to get visitors to click on ads. This isn’t always an easy process, but when you have an SEO friendly site for web hosting in your corner, it’ll be that much easier for you to really reach the number of visitors (and eventually customers) and grow your business from the bottom up.