digital-marketing-seo-trendNew Year brings new promises. It instills new hopes. New trends emerge destroying the older waves. The internet is the world where changes appear and disappear faster than the imagination. Like every year, Google will throw few surprises and world of digital marketing will keep itself insulating from the changes. Considering Google’s well-guarded strategy, the professional SEO experts will keep juggling. Without doubt, in order to succeed you will need to perpetually study and update your knowledge. You should know that how Google thinks and operate. If you are able to execute this successfully, things will surely change tomorrow.

Death of Long Tail Keywords

Google Panda update had already made long tail keywords little irrelevant. That long tail focused content farms like suffered a lot. The hummingbird update made this even more irrelevant. The long-tail keywords have more words. Will the trend continue? The answer is emphatic-NO. Brian Dean might profess doomsday for this, but not I.

I have reasons for my conviction. In 2014, the use of long-tail keywords has increased. The shorter keywords are becoming costlier. Other point is that it has been proved that longer keywords have higher conversion rate. They provide higher level of specificity and they help to drive greater and quality traffic. In 2015, the leading brands will have to learn to do well on longer keyword phrases. The trend will further accelerate with increased use of mobile devices.

We try to understand this with an example. Suppose your company produces batteries for inverter. Your company will find it tough to rank on ‘battery’ keyword. As the competition is really huge. But if your company specializes in ‘Tubular battery manufacturing for inverters’, the task will be easier. Those who type this keyword are probably looking for buying the product. You can establish better communication between your business and customers through proper use of longer tail keywords in Search Engine Optimization Company India. It is true traffic on your site will be less, but you will sell more products. Your visitors will be more committed and focused to buy the product from your site.

A study done couple of years ago suggests that around 16% to 20% of daily keyword queries are unique. This trend will die, there is no possibility seems in sight. To read the article, click here:

The crux of the matter is more specific long-tail keywords are going to dominate the Ad Words campaigns in 2015. The trick is to find reliable and credible long-tail keywords that can work wonders for you.

Fine balance of technical elements and content marketing

In 2015 SEO will encompass the technical aspects even more where as content strategy and content marketing will help to drive more search engine ranking. SEO will be important aspect of content marketing, keyword research, and Meta tags. Businesses without proper SEO strategy are sure to fail. Your SEO expert should be capable enough to drive you through all these nuances.

Keywords and ranking importance will diminish

A sure way to look at what lies in store: Look at encryption of keyword search data of Google. As consumption of information will be more fragmented towards various channels and devices, the relevance of keyword will diminish and so the ranking. The increased brand visibility will ultimately replace the Search Engine Optimization, but the process will start from this year.

So, if you are content marketer or social media expert, you should start factoring in those changes while making strategy.

From search engine to knowledge engine

Google is striving towards becoming a search destination for all types of queries. People will turn to Google to know the game scores, weather and online shopping. Have you seen Google’s Knowledge Graph or Carousel features! They are changing the way consumers view and interact with search results. It is transforming from Search Engine to Knowledge Engine.

Thrust on increased personalization

The thrust of digital technology on giving users more and more personalized experience. Search engines functionality has already started moving in that direction. This means different persons will get different result for same keywords depending on the geographical location and demographic data gathered from previous engagements.

Social sites such as Pinterest have already taken a huge step in this direction. It sees itself more like a personalized search site that can amalgamate search and sharing in an innovative and compelling way. It believes it can answer certain question better than Google.

Google Personalized Search will eventually alter the search engine landscape forever. It is a known fact that Google retains browser cookie record.

To clarify this further, when a user performs certain search, but it also gives result based on previous website user had visited. Not many of you knows that Russia’s leading search engine, Yandex has already started launching personalized search results for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This trend has already caught by Google as if Google has to stay in competition with Yandex and other local search engines, it will have to improve on this aspects.

Mobile Optimization will gain momentum

This is a new trend, but it will gather momentum. And why not! If 1 out of every five people has Smartphone in the hand, this should surely happen. In this year, your SEO strategy will considerably tilt towards mobile optimization strategy. Your website should be responsive. All images and content should be accessible from every media platform. Things like bounce rate will increasingly gain importance.