High price, suspicious description, and no direct information on a seller… Looks like a typical advertisement of a stolen car, isn’t it? Well, if you see this advertisement, you can call police officer but those who really want to steal the car, re-sell it and not get caught, never act in such an open fashion. So if you don’t want your insurance company to refuse with insuring your car bought from the private dealer or even call the police to confiscate it, you should become more attentive when considering to buy a used car. Anyway, there are three tips which may really save your time and money.how to detect stolen car seller

Three Details That Will Save You From Purchasing A Stolen Car

There are two types of car fraudsters, based on their experience. The first group is very predictable as they are seldom attentive to tiny details and behave as they should do this deal really fast. More experienced fraudsters are more complicated to find but even if one uses tools like FAXVIN their frauds stay much harder to detect. They work neatly, knowing what policemen pay attention to when inspecting each car. Anyway, it is still possible to identify a stolen car using the following methods:

  1. Checking vehicle’s history by VIN: Today ordering a VIN history report from a special agency is a matter of seconds. These companies send requests to large DMW databases, getting all information about owners, accidents, vehicle inspections, and checks returning all data in the form of a user-friendly report. When you get it, you can ask for some recent details regarding car’s ownership. If its owner lies or starts hesitating, it’s time to require true information;
  2. Checking a license plate: License plate remains the only requisite by which you can identify its owner. These plates often become counterfeited but there are some tricks used by policemen. They can anticipate new plate on an old vehicle but if this old plate stays installed on a relatively new vehicle, it seems like its owner has installed plate from some other vehicle. Ordering a license plate check will also help identify a theft;
  3. Looking at a seller: You shouldn’t get an education of professional psychologist for identification of thieves. Ask where are they from, where do they work, is there a good dentist nearby, etc. This way you will quickly identify that the person you are negotiating with is from another state or city, therefore, the car should be initially registered in this state or city, correspondingly. If it is not, you should reconsider your purchase from that seller.

identify car thief seller

Is It Always That Easy To Identify A Thief?

The truth is that even if you are well-equipped with different tips, a fraudster may be well-prepared, too. He may start showing you the benefits of this car and his arguments may become so impressive that you may forget to ask the right questions. Moreover, if the seller is really a fraudster, and you are not, he is always better-equipped than his potential buyers. That is why you should never talk to the used car buyers alone and remain very attentive to any kind of odd behavior.