instagram marketing tips guidesSince Instagram is known as one of the great marketing tools in these days, it is the right time for you to sign up for an Instagram account if you really want people to recognize your brand/company and shop from you. It can be a powerful marketing tool for you to tell a visual story about your business, brand or company to boost its sales. In simple words, Instagram is not a social media platform to share photos and videos anymore but darling to social media marketers in order to grab attention of more social media users towards a particular product, service, brand or business. It is also considered as one of the fastest-growing social media apps for business marketing and brand building.

But do you really know that how to get more from Instagram marketing? If no, then don’t worry about the matter because below we have a thorough Instagram marketing guide to help you stand out.

Instagram Business Profile

Before you want to get started with the great social media app for business marketing, you should sign up for an Instagram Business Account. There are several benefits that Instagram business account offers than a personal one. It allows you to design and publish Instagram ads conveniently even without connecting it with your Facebook account to use its advertising tools. Your users can easily contact you when they click contact button even without visiting your website. Business account for Instagram also provides you access to analytics usually known as ‘Insights’ where you can see how your Instagram posts and ads are performing.

Tell a story

In order to be efficient on Instagram, you need to tell a story about your business or brand in order to grab attention of potential customers. Remember to add quality visuals that feature your products, business and customers when creating a story. Use of a professional format for brand messaging is another great way to engage more users.

Use Right Hashtags

Use of the right hashtags is one of the powerful marketing tools of Instagram that aid a brand reach more people more effectively. Using hashtags in your Instagram posts is a superb way to follow industry related conversations and to help users find your brand easily. You can also use custom hashtags to create an extension of your brand on board. Searching for the right hashtags also enables you to recognize best Instagram influencers in your niche that can help you grow audience around your brand.

Give your Audience a Reason to Share your Content

I am not talking about freebies, giveaways and discounted offers. But you can get more shares by posting quality and engaging content as per interests of your audience. When they will find your content informative and useful, they will definitely hit the share button to help you reach more audience. The more shares you will have, more people will recognize your brand or business to make purchases.

Keep Posting on Right Time

Not in every minute but according to a proper posting schedule or plan. According to the Instagram marketers, 7 to 9 pm is the right time to post on Instagram for enhanced brand exposure and user engagement. If you are unable to post consistently at the right time, you can schedule Instagram stories to get them published automatically at the perfect time by saving your time for other things.

Create Appealing and Quality Visuals

Quality content is not only vital for business websites and blogs but one should also be doing the same on social media in order to get desired outcomes. Since Instagram users are more likely to see attractive and pleasing to eyes visuals from their favorite brands, companies and influencers, you should also create appealing and quality visuals to keep them visiting for more. As it begins and ends with images on Instagram, your images or videos should be of high quality in order to keep users engaged. For example, if you are selling products online, you can get more sales by sharing high quality and easy to view images as almost 93% buying decisions on Instagram are made on the basis of visual appearance.


Your Facebook fans may also love to follow you on Instagram. So, allow them to do so by cross promoting your Instagram profile in other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. By inviting your other social media fans and followers to join your Instagram profile, you can get more exposure for your content on Instagram to enhance your social media presence and to increase brand recognition as well.