top-5-free-wordpress-plugins-for-attorneys-websiteYou have decided to use a WordPress theme for your attorney’s office website, but you also want to ensure that you use the most powerful tools available especially when it comes to search engine optimization. You also want to provide your visitors with some type of interaction which will make them more comfortable at your website and put their trust in you.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

The best plugin for WordPress when it comes to search engine optimization it is WordPress SEO by Yoast. The plug in actually helps you optimize your own content by generating a sitemap, optimize your content for the best keywords, and so much more. The plug in is free, but they also provide consulting and audits to help ensure your website is up to par with your competition.

Disqus Comments

Not every law firm uses this plugin, but it will help keep your visitors coming back. This blog will help your visitors so they can ask legal questions and you will be able to answer which gives them more trust in your law firm. Disqus will also reduce spam and all comments will only be from those that can post from a social media profile which reduces spam.


As you post legal articles to your blog that interest your visitors, this plug in allows your guests to share the articles on social media website. This will help bring new visitors and even help with your search engine optimization. All the plug in does is allow you place share links on every post and page, so your visitors will be able to share the articles that interest them with their friends on different websites.

Google Analytics

This plug in will help you get more traffic and even more questions from visitors. You will even be able to tell where most of your visitors are visiting from and the way in which they interact with your website. After this, it will optimize your website all on its own. You have the power to track specific information concerning your visitors such as if they are visiting from Facebook or from a Google search. You will also learn what information is being read the most, so you will be able to go more in that direction.

WordPress Customer Reviews

This plugin allows your clients to provide your company with a review. In today’s busy world, everyone searches the net for reviews before they purchase a product or even hire an attorney. You have the power to filter out the reviews that will be seen on your website, therefore, if they are not in your favor they will not be seen.