vpn torrenting tips guidesIf Internet users live in a country, whose government takes copyright seriously, they know how to penetrate country restrictions and still download from trackers. You also know that VPN is the most popular solution used for that. But do you think that all VPNs allow the same quality and speed of downloading? If that was so, one service would receive a patent and charge all others for authorship rights violation. All services are different; read on Bestvpnrating.com rating if you want to know the 5 best services for downloading with torrents.

5 Best VPNs for Using with Torrent Trackers:

  1. Express VPN: This service is a renowned leader in terms of Internet speed and number of available servers. Although its pricing policy makes it far from the free VPN for torrenting, users know the reason why do they pay extra. It stays the best for both P2P and Bittorrent systems and even if users don’t like the way it works, they can receive your fees back in 30 days;
  2. Nord VPN: This Panama-based VPN covers 52 countries helping all clients there to get to a territory where ownership rights are not defended so much. In contrast to all other services, Nord uses double-encryption techniques, so as to make it robust to even the most sophisticated hackers’ techniques. And if you think that it somehow lowers an Internet speed, you deeply mistaken;
  3. CyberGhost Pro: Although you can still use its free client, it will not help you download with the same safety and rapidity level as a paid client (you will also wait for two minutes in a queue for available servers). Anyway, it stays one of the most affordable, allowing you pay only $3 per month (if you accept 2-years subscription). It has more than 900 servers in 29 countries so you will not lose your network travelling to another country;
  4. Pure-VPN: Based in Hong-Kong, this VPN stays one of the most professional and innovative among other services. It is not designed for a special device so one can switch on the same VPN for his phone, tablet, and personal computer. It also has a NAT firewall protection, which secure your PS from any uncontrolled amount of traffic.
  5. Buffered VPN: This Hungary-based service is well-known for the use of the most sophisticated encryption mechanisms. It works well with all kinds of P2P and torrents and it has a Kill-switch, which ensures that any byte of data could not come to the right people.

Is Choosing Right VPN Enough?

No matter whether you use torrent tracker with VPN, uploading and downloading files to other people you violate copyright regulations of your country. So be careful and don’t let other people see as that may be the reason for their claim against you. And don’t think that if you use suspicious websites with VPN, you will never receive malicious software.