tweet and retweet to upraise your visibility statusTwitter happens to be one of the most frequented social media platforms today, and boasts of 6,000 tweets per second, that translates to 350,000 tweets per minute, which amounts to 500 million tweets per day! Don’t believe it? You better!

While 6,000 tweets continue to be the magic number, there were 20 times and over tweets amounting to about 143,199 tweets recorded on August 3, 2013.

You must be wondering what’s so special about that day. Well, that’s when people in Japan were tweeting while watching the animated movie Castle in the Sky when it aired on TV.

Given the figures above, one can only fathom the power of social media and its role in giving your business visibility and popularity; all it takes is tweeting and retweeting for a higher purpose.

Possibilities are galore with social media picking up pace, so much so that you can even buy Twitter retweets if you need to, all in the name of visibility.

Twitter’s baby steps

Dating back to 2006, Twitter was initially decided to be called “” but was changed to “Twttr” when the prototype was introduced in the March of 2006. Eventually, Twitter found its place in the World Wide Web on July 15, 2006 when it was publicly introduced.

If you were to dig deeper into Twitter’s impressive history – tweets raised from 5,000 tweets in 2007 to 500,000,000 tweets per day in 2013, which is big, bold, and very out there.

For what it’s worth, the first ever tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 by its creator, Jack Dorsey. The volume of tweets skyrocketed from the time it was launched back then in 2006 right until 2009. There was a 1,400% gain in everyday volumes from year to year. Today, it continues to rise at about 30% per year.

Retweets explained from start to finish

Twitter allows you to share someone else’s tweets with your followers, and that’s what we call a “retweet”.

It’s an amazing tool for you to exchange information with just one click. Here’s how it goes: each time you retweet a tweet, it will appear on the retweeter’s followers’ newsfeed.

When you retweet, you’re giving extra visibility and credit to the original tweet. Here’s the mantra: accumulating retweets on your tweets is a fantastic way of building traffic on your page.

If you happen to notice a colossal string of retweets on somebody’s post, it’s a telling sign that they are hugely popular and have an active “followers” community.

Just a heads-up: tweets with pictures and videos get 150% more retweets. It gets a little easier because today you can buy Twitter retweets as well.

Earning your retweets

If you’re a newbie, earning those retweets can be like finding a needle in a haystack; it’s definitely not easy. You need to turn on your active mode on and put your money on the winning horse if you hope to get any tweets and popularity at all.

It gets more challenging when there are millions out there who are trending and getting retweeted by the minute. Keep yourself abreast of where you stand in terms of visibility; if people aren’t visiting your page, you aren’t getting tweets, let alone getting retweeted.

If you already are getting a fair amount of user traffic, you might need to rework the content posted, and the channels you’re driving visibility to. Make sure you use #hashtags, pictures, and videos while also posting out-of-the-box, original, and aesthetically appealing content. You could also request for your followers/visitors to retweet your tweet, but that might be stretching it too far.

Buying your retweets effortlessly

Another reliable means of getting retweeted is to put your trust in experts who are adept at getting you the retweets – you can “buy” retweets; that’s right! This helps especially when you aren’t able to get ample retweets. Allow the professionals to help boost your retweets without you having to lift a finger.

All you need to share is your twitter username. You can choose the tweets you want retweets on, and trust the experts to take it from there. Sit back and relax, while you see a spike in your retweets handled with the utmost care and professionalism.