unmistakable-ways-in-which-technology-has-influenced-web-developmentThe fast-paced growth which is apparent in the world of technology has had a huge, significant effect on web development over the years. From mobile technology to the new and exciting Internet of Things, web development is constantly changing and updating under the influence of new advancements in technology. Mobile technology in particular has been a massive game changer in the web development industry, with web developers constantly updating and changing their techniques as trends arise which mimic the increase in mobile use amongst internet users.

Mobile Technology

Modern mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets have begun to replace the need for laptops and computers. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Ofcom in the United Kingdom found that 16% of internet users do not own a laptop or computer at all. Not only are the majority of smartphones and even tablets easy to carry around at all times, they also provide instant access to the internet from almost all locations, so long as you have a data contract.

More internet users than ever have started to check emails, access the web, and even shop from their smartphones whilst on the go, clearly showing the growing need for mobile technology amongst web users. Because of this, web development has been significantly influenced, with websites that can easily be viewed on a mobile device becoming vital if you want to rank in the mobile search results.  Although you can get responsive themes for WordPress, not all themes have a user friendly format, so it’s worth contacting a professional Los Angeles web design company to help you create a responsive website for your business.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has had a significant impact on web development. As more connectable devices are introduced into the technology market such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Google Glass and other wearables, web developers are having to come up with new methods and techniques to integrate web design into use with these devices. Developing websites which work with Apple Watch as well as mainstream browsers and mobile devices, for example, is becoming increasingly in demand and is expected to be commonplace within the next few years as wearables grow in popularity.

Internet Of Things – Other Devices

It’s not just wearables which have taken the world of technology and web development by storm. The Internet of Things may well be a new phenomenon, but it is definitely growing at a rapid pace, with more and more devices being introduced. Today, it’s possible to be connected at all times to your home, for example, with smart devices and appliances which connect to the internet to provide you with real-time information. A good example of this would be a smart home alarm system, which sends the homeowner an email or text in the event of a break in or other incident. Because smart technology is advancing at a rapid rate, web development trends are changing and adapting to integrate further smart devices.

Technology has always had an effect on web development – as technology has grown and advanced, web development has followed as the two work closely together to streamline both internet and technology use. Mobile and smart technology are just two recent advancements which have had a huge effect on web development trends and techniques.