5 ways google apps help freelancers operate efficiently
A freelancer in this modern day and age has to be sharp, smart, and well-equipped to take on as much as possible and as fast as possible.

For this reason, Google has developed an impressive suite of tools that are the perfect addition to a freelancer’s toolbox.  With the proper application of these specially crafted cloud-based apps, a smart freelancer can increase efficiency and productivity and ultimately get more accomplished in less time.

The most important benefit of the Google Apps suite is that it is very popular with businesses of all sizes.  Many of the clients working with freelancers use the convenience of Gmail, Google Calendar or Google Drive.

By familiarizing themselves with the many advantages of Google apps, freelancers in all types of industries can connect better with their clients as well as organize their work routine around an efficient and user-friendly software system.

In the following article, we will look at a few ways freelancers can maximize their potential with the help of Google apps.

1. Feedback, Comments and Collaborate on Writing Assignments

Freelancing is all about collaboration, and when a job is being coordinated across great distances, it is imperative to have a speedy form of communication. Project management for all types of projects has never been easier since the advent of the cloud system. Now all documents and messages can be edited, commented, manipulated and shared across the planet with nothing but a convenient Google Account.

Google Apps begins with the impressive Google Docs word processor which features many intuitive features. All documents are saved on the cloud servers and this increases the accessibility as we will discuss later. Documents on a whole range of subjects and purposes can be shared quickly between many different parties.

This is especially convenient to writers and content specialist who must create large quantities of work and share these with many different clients. This is a great way to get instant feedback and make any adjustments necessary in minimal time. If you’re a freelance content writer who is paid by the number of words, you can use Google docs and easily keep a tab on the word or character count.

The biggest enemy of the freelancer is all that downtime between processing and possible editing work. But with clouds fast paced accessibility this is a thing of the past. And, because all the saving is done automatically, there is never any fear of lost work due to inexplicable power outages or other mishaps.

2. Better Data, Smarter Decisions

Besides all the benefits to productivity and connectivity that can be enjoyed from the Google App Suites, there are also special features that you can apply to enriching your business management. Even on a small scale, the way your business is handled will decide the magnitude of future expansion and profits. It is good to know that Google Apps is a suite that can grow with the needs of your company.

Using the Google Sheets App, you can easily keep track of projects and clients that can become increasingly more complex and specific. Meticulous record keeping for all work, clients and project details is crucial to improving your standings as a freelancer.

You can also create portions of your cloud-based Google Drive for each of your major clients and create bespoke access for each of them. This will facilitate the transfer of large quantities of files over time and keep a careful record that can be visible to the concerned parties.

Furthermore, having a one-stop location for all of your necessary data has special advantages of its own. It eliminates all the doubt of where the file needed is at the moment you need it.

3. Easy Access & Safe-Keeping

Accessibility is among the most significant advantages of the Google App suite for Freelancers. This means that all of the work you have done is kept safe in an indestructible location, so you will never feel the sting of lost work or the hassles of accessibility issues. With the specially designed organizational features included in your portion of the cloud drive, you can quickly access the specific files you are keeping for each of your clients in a matter of minutes.

Even better, as a freelancer, the world is your office, and you can take your work with you wherever and whenever you want. As long as you can connect to your online account, your office is at your fingertips. This means you can negotiate your next projects and even get a head start on work wherever and whenever.

4. Additional Apps and Tools

Google docs have some impressive tools that make a freelancer’s work all the easier. In addition to Google’s first-rate search tools and research capacity, Google Docs also has a handy speech to text tools that has proved very time efficient for a wide variety of freelancer related issues. Making transcriptions of podcasts, video content and other scripts are one such task made simple with this tool.

While the feature is only available in English, at the moment and is not always the most perceptive when picking up a thick accent or distinctive cadence, it is expected to become very efficient in the near future.

5. Upgrades and Future Expansion

team of freelancer
As the freelancer rises in ranks of professionalism and preponderance, they may take on a team of other freelancers to cater to the specific need.

If it comes time to take your business endeavors to the next level, Google Apps Work begins for as little as $5 per month and has many features that the budding enterprise may need. This is a great way to receive premium business software at an incredibly budget friendly price.  The savings are considerably higher when you factor in the absence of training costs and installation issues as well.