website-design-trends-for-the-sports-sectorWith sports teams and the like, it is easy to get a backing and attract many followers worldwide. What may not be quite so easy is attracting them online. Some sports teams, for example, have managed to really excel with their website design and use it to affiliate themselves with even more avid fans across the globe.

If the online presence is quite obviously lacking substance, however, it may mean that a team or company could miss out on plenty of extra revenue from merchandising and such that could help propel them to the next level. By making the most of online tools to really develop some seriously good web design, successful conversion from potential fans to kit-wearing supporters suddenly becomes much easier.

Of course, sports teams play within an incredibly competitive industry, competing not just against the teams within their own sport, but also across other sports. In order to try to make a website in the sports sector stand out, they must aim to find ways to produce the kind of user interface for which no one else is known. To stand out from the crowd and entice as wide an audience as possible, relying on a brand name alone is not always enough.

There are several reasons that users may well look to access this kind of website. Keeping up to date with the latest news, developments, and events is, of course, the most likely cause. Checking out information around the team is unsurprisingly a key factor for choosing to visit such a site, so finding effective and innovative ways to present this information so that the users don’t end up bogged down in a sea of statistics is vital.

Diversity can also have a hugely positive effect in terms of website design. Instead of opting to rely on just a couple of solid features within fairly defined structures, finding ways to move into different fields can really help to maximize return. Sports gear is very much on-trend right now, as much from a fashion perspective as it is for those who are working out. Wearables also belong in this category, and figuring out how to best market what is being sold is key to drawing the most users in and converting the potential to guaranteed customers.

Comprehensive analysis has been carried out to discover the major stumbling blocks that users tend to find when trying to access a website. Something like a third of all users of a website fail to complete what are considered as simple tasks hosted on an average website. Typically, the average user will wait up to a minute to try to find what they are looking for before their attention span takes them elsewhere and away from their initial search.

Reasons for this include many basic and avoidable flaws. Having too much going on for a website is a key turn-off. If one is unable to find what they are looking for, not based on a lack of trying, they are, of course, likely to focus their attention elsewhere. By being clear on what is being offered, and having the most important information in focus and easy to discover, the chances of a happy user experience are increased.

When looking to tweak the design of a sports website to increase user satisfaction and increase those conversion rates, making the experience as appealing and interactive as possible is definitely a necessity. If a website experience can immerse the user and draw them into what is going on, they will feel a part of it and end up more likely to use more of the service.

It shouldn’t be thought that just having some nice colors and readable fonts is the be-all and end-all though. Unique reasons for visiting will offer the best chance of bringing in the most users, so working on a campaign to make this kind of thing possible is definitely worth considering. As an example, the sportswear company Tommie Copper offers a full inventory of clothing such as copper wear, but it also has a foundation called “Tommie Cares”, which allows the company to engage the users in another way.

By offering more than just what the brand is known for, and working on appealing to users in many ways, it increases the chances of them coming back again. With so many others sites to compete against, highlighting the unique aspects in the most accessible way will only be a good thing.