website-redesign-boost-online-presenceYour business has to be very flexible in terms of technology and design changes. It is important that your website remains up to date with the advancement and technology changes in order to get the most out of the online opportunities. However, when we talk about website redesign it doesn’t really mean that you have to change the entire system. In fact, you just need to make functional modifications that will help your website work well and assist you in reaching your marketing goals. There are numerous reasons why you need to revise your current website in order to stay on track with current online strategy.

Change In Market

Lot of things in your business can change in a few years, including your business market and the target of your website. So, if the focus of your business has shifted since you launched your website then you may need to redesign your site. You can improve the graphics of your site keeping the requirement of your targeted audience. Also you can check with your competitors and see what they are doing, what’s in their site which is attracting more visitors. You need to be updated according to Google algorithms and keep with the changes. It’s just like adding more flavors to your food to make it more palatable for your customers.

Your CMS (Content Management System) is Outdated

Technology progresses very fast. It’s been said that one human year is equals to at least 4-5 internet years. However, some content management and website platform is not able to keep up with the change. They may have worked very well couple of years ago, but if your site is built on older technologies then consider editing and redesigning with new features. If you are not able to do such then check with responsive web designers who will just do the trick for your website. By having your site upgraded on a more contemporary, adaptable and dynamic stage your site will have the capacity to adjust with technology and also have greater security.

High Bounce Rate

You can analyze your page data and see how many visitors visit your site, how many pages they visit and how quickly they leave your site. The pace of leaving your site is known as the bounce rate. This bounce rate is a great factor for your business. If broken links or poor design is responsible for high bounce rate then a responsive web redesign will be a good cure for this high bounce rate.

Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly

Customers and visitors have various needs while accessing your website through a mobile device. Mobile users would like to access your website features in a quick and responsive way. Hence, it is very important that you optimize your website so that the users can get the best experience in their mobile devices. Approx. 30-40% of website visit comes via mobile devices, so if your website is not capable enough to provide the required service then you should really go for redesigning.

Change In The Business Focus

Business focus changes from time to time, hence you need to have such a website which can support and adapt the changes. The good thing about new technology is that it provides the easy and quick way to shift your business focus. It also helps to expand the area of your business and adds more potential to your business. You can hardly see Social media, online review sites, cloud applications, lead management systems, and mobile websites around 7-8 years ago. Hence, if you don’t redesign your website then you may find it very hard to sustain in your business.

Keeping the above things in mind it is very crucial to redesign your website in order to grow in your business. But, whenever you redesign your website make sure you choose responsive web designers who can give you the best result.