Before doing anything to prepare for online ads in 2017, companies must know the message sent by the audiences of the online consumer world with whom you want to connect on an interpersonal level. They have no patience to bear with flashy images, excessive banners or repetitive statements. They are now looking for contents that are valuable, respectful, entertaining, engaging and most importantly, ‘worth their time’. They are curious to buy online, but you must give them the reason in a convincing manner

Online display advertisement is growing rapidly. It has been estimated by the Forrester Research that the online advertisement market will touch $28 billion by 2017 with an annual growth of 17%, over the next five years. The reason is that it has extensive reach to the target audience and offers precise targeting. If you are in the online marketing quotes and advertisements, you must do the following to prepare for online ads in 2017.

what companies must do to prepare for online ads in 2017

1. Determine Your Objective

Because of the flexibility associated with online advertisement, you can brand and build awareness for reaching new prospects, nurturing the existing prospects and increasing sales by offering special discounts. Therefore, have a clear objective for driving sales, nurturing and branding.

2. Create Different Ads

Aim at familiarizing your target audience with your brand and bring them to your marketing funnel. Through high-level branding campaigns, encourage your prospects to visit your website. For mid-funnel targets, offer a white paper for obtaining the contact information of the target. For those in the bottom line, offer discount on specific products.

3. Provocative headlines

Prepare a provocative headline along with single image and a brief copy. Incite your prospects for resorting to action; such as embarking upon a landing page, downloading a white paper and placing order for a discounted product.

4. Using Rich Media

Prepare online banners, featuring rich media, flash, video-in-banner and pre-roll. Video banners draws attention quicker, compared to static banners.

5. Integration of Banner with Other Marketing Efforts

If you have a print advertising, integrate the same with your online banner, with a creative approach. Prepare a landing page and make the white paper, easily downloadable.

6. Incorporate Metrics

Prepare appropriate metrics for gauging the efficacy of the online campaign.  Resort to CTR or click-through that provides a general idea about the performance of online banner. You may go in for cost per lead, cost per conversion of a banner campaign

7. Test and Invest

You must optimize your campaign for maximum performance by adopting creative approaches. Use basic A/B testing to find which creative approach performs the best. Analyze the campaign to find which website has the best engagement. Some campaigns may be performing well in the day, while the others, in the evening. After the analysis, invest on the best performer.

8. CRM Targeting

Consider, retargeting of company name in which viewers from a particular company or industry is targeted. CRM targeting includes prospects in your database, in case, they visit your website. If a viewer has visited your website, retarget him by offering a discount on your specific product.