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Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular every year. And all thanks to its uniqueness, which is the absence of a physical carrier. It is listed only in the form of a digital code, which does not go beyond the blockchain. This accounts for a significant advantage in usability and security. However, cryptocurrency also has different pricing than its physical counterparts.

What Does the Price of a Token Depend On?

At first, you might think that cryptocurrency is just like money in your wallet but without a physical carrier. And this is partly true because, with its help, you can still make purchases, pay for services, and perform other operations typical of different currencies. However, cryptocurrency is considered more as an asset, along with stocks, commodities, and securities in the global market. Therefore, cryptocurrency pricing is structured similarly: the supply and demand ratio changes, and so does the price.

How to Predict the Price Change?

Investing has been around long before cryptocurrency. During this time, business people managed to study most aspects and laws of this direction. And since cryptocurrency is considered an asset, its price is formed according to the rules of assets.

The basic law responsible for cryptocurrency pricing is the law of supply and demand. This theory uses the relationship between the supply of an asset and the demand for it. To predict the cryptocurrency’s price, you can also use platforms like Emirex token price.

If cryptocurrency is in short supply, the demand for it increases. The less cryptocurrency on the market, the greater the number of people willing to buy it per unit of this asset. Shareholders are willing to compete and offer better prices, which leads to higher prices. This mechanism also works in the opposite direction.

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