marketing strategy tips guidesDon’t feel bad if your brand has been struggling to find a marketing strategy that works. It’s a common problem many companies experience, and you’ll be glad to know it’s possible to overcome with a few adjustments.

The key is to pinpoint what your current approach is missing and how you can go about filling those gaps. Following outdated best practices may be half the reason as to why what you’re currently doing is no longer working. It’s possible you simply need to do further research and be more open-minded when it comes to using new and exciting ways to market your brand.

Celebrity Endorsements

People love their celebrities and want to know what they’re up to daily and the products they’re using. This is one reason why social media has become so popular. It’s a transparent medium that allows fans and their idols to connect on a regular basis. Consider using celebrity endorsements in your marketing strategy and notice how quickly you’re able to attract the right kind of attention to your company. What you need to do to pull it off is make sure it’s an authentic relationship, and that the person fits the product or service you’re trying to sell.


You no longer have to be considered a mainstream celebrity to have your voice heard and persuade consumers. Influencers are out there and ready to work with a brand like yours to extend the reach of your products or services. You can find them through influencer marketing websites, on social media and out and about in the world where they’re living life and sharing their experiences with their followers. Find the right match, and you’ll likely see whatever it is you’re selling instantly become a hit with your customers.


Your in-house marketing team needs to be talented, creative and willing to take risks. Get them expanding their minds and coming up with new ideas by challenging them often. You tend to do your most creative work in an unfamiliar space outside of your daily office space. That’s why you should consider taking your marketing group to a place like the Minneapolis Escape Room. While at the facility they’ll need to collaborate and join as a team to solve difficult puzzles and mysteries so they can find their way out of a complicated room or maze.

Goals & Results Monitoring

Many businesses move forward with projects or initiatives without thinking about what they’re after or how they’re going to measure results. You need to set goals and track progress if you’re going to be successful with your marketing strategy. For example, once you hire a celebrity or influencer focus your attention on tracking their reach and how many transactions are the result of them speaking on your behalf.


Use these suggestions to help you tweak your marketing strategy and make certain you have all the right pieces in place before you start any work. Have fun with it and see how creative you can be with your campaigns. Don’t forget to monitor how you’re doing so you can make any necessary modifications as you go.