where will seo be headed in the futureWe all know that SEO is an extremely dynamic and ever-changing industry. Far from being the black hole it was initially considered, SEO has become essential for the proper development of any business, especially in the digital world. For 2016, specialists estimated that there were more than $65 billion invested in SEO services. So where will SEO be headed in the future?

UX Will Become More Important

Nowadays, SEO has evolved to include more elements related to the way in which people carry their interactions on the web. As such, UX, or user experience, is playing a much larger role within the online search. Even if you provide great information and valuable input, if your website is not engaging for your users, you will lose ranking.

AMP Is Also More Important

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it represents Google’s effort of keeping up with the current tendencies. According to one of their researches, people are not patient at all and will leave a website that doesn’t load in maximum three seconds. As such, AMP might become a ranking factor, even though it is not now. AMP content is in fact particularly important in mobile search results, and it even appears above organic listings.

Search Will Depend on AI

Google has announced last year the RankBrain, which is very important when it comes to search ranking factors. As such, we can see that AI is gaining more and more terrain in general. Maybe at the moment the results are not that accurate, but in time the machines will be receiving more and more patterns and will be more able to understand the content they are receiving, which means they will perform better.

What Can You Do?

These are some loose predictions that may still turn out to be false. However, for now all the clues hint to these possible trends in these directions. What you can do is to pay attention to them. It’s okay if you don’t know how to do that, case in which you can always call for specialized help.

There are specialized companies that take care of these aspects. For example, SEO Services USA – Chicago company can help you assess your business and your strategy. They can choose a good SEO plan for you, which is adapted to your own needs and goals.

However, you also have to collaborate with them, be open and honest with your intentions and understand that it is important to stick to the plan they create for you. If you won’t cooperate, then it would be hard to reach the goals you established together. Remember that they are specialists and have more experience with various websites and businesses, so you should trust them!