the different types of online gamblers

Online casino gamblers are constantly looking for online casino gambling recipes for success. They try to search for the most profitable bonuses, learn table games strategies, and calculate the odds of winning a jackpot in slot games.

However, CasinosHunter experience shows that one of the main components of the recipe for success in online casino gambling is the ability to choose quality casinos among dozens of dubious websites.

There are so many casino sites out there, both for countries where online gambling is legit, like Canada and for countries where online gambling is completely prohibited, like the UAE, that choosing becomes a challenge. And yet, online casino punters are highly recommended to learn what criteria indicate a decent casino site.

Real Reasons Why You Have to Choose Quality Casinos

In fact, opting for a quality casino site is 50% of gambling success. Quality casino sites care about the user experience and customer satisfaction. Quality casinos explain the rules in a comprehensive manner. Quality casinos protect users’ data and funds from third-party breaches. Quality casinos do not steal players’ money and do not reject withdrawal requests. For these reasons, and for reasons explained below, it is always better to opt for quality casinos.


The very first reason is, of course, scammers that create casino sites without actually having an egaming license, without any certifications, or with the most primitive license, only to be allowed to the market. Scam casinos are not created to make money like a business; in the majority of cases, scammers either want to steal users’ data or users’ money or better both.

Considering the amount of betting sites online, little surprise that one will bump into scammy sites every now and then. This is why it is so important to be aware of the quality casino characteristics, and be willing to spend some time investigating the casino site.


We have to be honest here that there are many completely legit, licensed, and certified casino websites that, regardless of the country’s laws, still target players from jurisdictions where gambling is prohibited. While for some countries, where online gambling is a grey zone, such a situation does not bear any serious consequences for the gambler, in many Islamic countries, online gambling can result in huge fines, imprisonment, and even corporal punishment for the unaware gamblers.

Therefore, even seemingly legit casinos that target players who can suffer from the governmental consequences for online gambling cannot be considered quality casinos.


Sometimes, it is hard to evaluate the online casino site objectively just based on the platform itself. The second opinion is necessary to understand what the site is really about and up to. To do that, one needs to check the website’s reputation online – read reviews by platforms like CasinosHunter, look for comments on the thematic forums, find real players on social media and look for comments on social media posts by the casino site (if any). Having additional information is useful; not having any info exposed online should be suspicious.

Old sites should have at least something about them online; on the other hand, the younger the site, the more it should try to prove its positive reputation. So, reputation must be checked.


Few online casino reviewers consider this aspect, but partnerships with online payment processing companies and payment gateways can tell a lot about the quality of a casino site. While this does not apply to each and every payment provider, some payment processing companies do not support partnerships with online casinos that can be dubious.

Therefore, one of the general criteria is to check how many payment methods are offered by the casino, whether there are roughly equal numbers for depositing and withdrawing, and whether there are local banking options.

Also, it is important to check the accepted currencies, minimum deposits accepted, and maximum withdrawal limits.


Online casino bonuses are one of the most decisive factors for almost all gamblers when it comes to deciding whether they would register an account with a casino site and make real money bets there. Bonuses can be very lucrative, but their attractiveness must be evaluated carefully before exposing sensitive data to the site by registration, only to grab a bonus that can turn out unworthy later.

Bonuses are complicated to assess, but the main criteria to double-check include: whether the bonus is cashable; how high are the wagering requirements; are the wagering requirements applied only to the bonus, or to both bonus and deposit; what games are allowed; what is the maximum possible withdrawal of the bonus winnings.