When 2016 first kicked off, it was quickly dubbed as the ‘year of virtual reality’. With Oculus Rift close to launch and HTC and Sony not far behind, it seemed as though a three-way race to the top was on the cards – with others (i.e. Microsoft, Google, etc.) all possibly joining in. Now that over half a year has passed, it seems like that race could be over before it begins – with Sony’s PlayStation VR looking almost unassailable at the moment.

What PlayStation VR Has Done Right

The reason why PlayStation VR seems to be absolutely blowing everything else out of the water right now (to the point where pre-orders were snapped up in minutes) is that it has done a lot right. That starts with the fact that it will just plug right into any PlayStation 4.

Unlike the PC-based VR systems that require a high spec PC (and often means users will have to invest in a new one), or Microsoft’s rumored new console – PlayStation users won’t need any new hardware to use the VR aside from the new headset. Spending less is always nice, and in this case, it is a huge deal considering PlayStation VR already is much cheaper than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift in the first place.

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Add to that the fact that Sony (who apparently learnt a pretty valuable lesson from the PS3) are the only ones who have lined up some exclusive games to pair with their VR system. If you want to play Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR or Batman Arkham VR – you’ll need to do so on a PlayStation.

Has PlayStation Already Won the VR Battle?

Although PlayStation is looking pretty strong right now, the fight isn’t quite done yet. While PlayStation has certainly done a lot right and has captured the attention of fans who just can’t wait to get their hands on the PlayStation VR, it now needs to deliver.

Based on reports, PlayStation VR does have some kinks that it needs to work out – most notably its camera tracking and its controllers that many have criticized for being uncomfortable. While these stumbling blocks can be overcome, how effectively Sony is able to do so will largely determine whether or not they emerge at the top after the dust settles.

On top of that, while Sony seems to be on the ball as far as game titles go so far, many skeptics feel that eventually, PC-based VR systems will catch up, and possibly even exceed it. For now that doesn’t seem to be a huge worry, but at some point it may be.

In short – Sony’s PlayStation VR is definitely looking very appealing right now. It arguably offers the best collection of games at the moment, while also delivering high performance VR at a lower price point and with less additional hardware purchases required. If nothing else, you should definitely keep up with how things develop over the next few months at Virtual Reality Smash and see whether PlayStation VR lives up to the hype that surrounds it.