responsive-webdesign-seoEvery year more and more people are going to their phones and tablets to browse the internet. The age of the desktop is slowly but surely becoming prehistoric, and with one in four searches now being made by mobile, it’s easy to see why.

Yeah, yeah, but what has that got to do with responsive websites?

Well my friend, a responsive website is one that responds directly to the size of the screen it is being used on. This means that whether your customer is browsing from a tablet, Android or 32” iMac, the website will act accordingly to make it pretty and usable. So you see, size doesn’t really matter after all.

But how does this make a difference to my SEO?

There are many reasons why a responsive website is good for your Google stats – but the most important one being that Google itself gives these site designs a big thumbs up. This is because Google automatically gives priority to sites that have been optimised for mobile, especially when it comes to local search.

Another reason why a responsive website is great for your SEO is that it eliminates the need to build site authority for two different URLs. As a responsive website does just as it says on the tin, there is no need to create a site that is tailored just for mobile users, meaning that you won’t need to build links or social authority for different sites. There are of course exceptions to this – sites with lots of content for example may need a separate design to prevent all articles stacking on top of each other and creating an endless workout for the thumbs.

But perks of a responsive design don’t stop there! High bounce rates are also frequently combated when a site is responsive. When it comes to mobile, sites are often too stripped down or too dissimilar to the desktop meaning that people will likely click off and search elsewhere. Google sees a high bounce-rate as a sign that a website isn’t offering useful or relevant content to users and will therefore effect SERPs.

By having a website design that is responsive, your site will offer all of your existing content from your site on all devices, meaning that users will get what they were looking for and are less likely to click away.

Which leads us onto my last point – user experience! Websites are essentially a tool for sharing content and in these days of being able to share articles and posts with your friends from wherever you may be in the world from your phone to their desktop or tablet, it’s important that the content looks the same, whatever the platform.

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