Why the Right Theme and Layout Matters for Presentations

When do you want to present something to a group of people or just a solitary person what are the most important things to you? Their attention, their focus, and their questions. This trinity is what determines whether a presentation of any kind has been successful.

Whether you are building a website, speaking in front of an audience, or hosting an event, you want to make sure that you can gain and retain attention and then turn that attention into curiosity. To achieve this, you have got to have the visuals in order be they themes or layouts or anything flashy for the eye to focus on. Let us discuss how this works and why it matters.

Virtual Events – The Importance of the Right Setup

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of events have been forced to look for digital solutions. This led to most events being held in a virtual environment. This set forth some entirely new challenges in terms of keeping the attention and engagement of participants. If you are to not be distracted from your screen you need regular stimuli such as questionnaires, evaluations, breaks, opportunities to try different things so and so on.

Most virtual event platforms made sure to take this into account when designing the opportunities for events to be hosted online. A platform such as iFairs gives the exhibitors plenty of opportunities to design their digital booths and showrooms to be as eye-catching and attention-grabbing as possible. Virtual events have been phenomenally successful over the course of the pandemic, and their focus on attention retainment is likely one of the best explanations as to why.

Websites – How to Choose an Appropriate Theme?

Websites are remarkably interesting in how they present information. You do not have any physical speaker as such, you simply must rely on the theme and its components to make sure visitors stick around.

If you operate your website through WordPress, you will quickly notice how important choosing the right theme is. If you are making a site for a magazine, you will want a theme like Kinomag that allows for plenty of central pictures and key text. Are you making a site for food health regulations you want information (text) to be central with a minimum of pictures, if even pictures at all.

We use websites more than ever to gather and present information, so knowing how to do this effectively in the right context is imperative.