Many website building options exist, some better than others, but one site builder stands head and shoulders above the rest. WordPress! Used by some of the world’s biggest websites, WordPress offers ease of use and an impressive feature set. Find out why it’s still the best choice in 2017 for beginners and pro’s alike.

why wordpress is still the best choice for websites in 2017

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It’s So Easy to Use

When you need to build your own website, you want a simple solution. And that solution should be packed with powerful features.

WordPress is easy to use out of the box and takes just a few clicks to install. From there, customization is easy and a new site can be live and ready for business in no time at all.

The back end is simplicity itself, with the interface making it a snap to create new posts and pages even if you’re a complete novice.

You’ll Never be Short of Beautiful and Functional Themes to Use

The WordPress theme repository is bursting at the seams with stunning free themes which makes it perfect for those starting a website on a shoestring. But for a fast start, this year’s pre-loaded theme is hard to beat.

Twenty Seventeen provides everything a new website needs. It’s a mobile responsive theme that makes a strong visual impact with its large (video supporting) header image area and Parallax scrolling effect. Dummy content is also included making the theme simple to use right away.

WordPress Enables Seamless Monetization

Whichever monetization method you choose to implement, WordPress lets you make the necessary integrations with ease.

From widgets to handle your ads to plugins for popular e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce and Shopify, WordPress has all of the functionality that you need. Plugins take moments to download and most can be configured and deployed in a matter of minutes.

The Support Community Is Second to None

WordPress has been going strong since 2003 and in that time, it’s amassed a legion of fans, developers and power users who combine forces to offer advice when users have problems. If you run into trouble, chances are the solution you need has already been posted, so help is only a quick Google away.

If you can’t find a fix, all you need to do is post your query in one of the many WordPress Support forums and someone will soon come along to set you straight.

WordPress Is Regularly Updated

The WordPress developers are constantly at work delivering new features, adding finesse to existing ones and making sure your sites are secure by staying one step ahead of hackers. Your site can update to each new version of WordPress automatically, and this world class development doesn’t cost you a single cent.

The Best Free SEO Support Is on WordPress

The Yoast WordPress plugin makes on-site SEO as straightforward as it can be. Before you publish posts, Yoast gives your content the once over and shows you where you need to make changes.

The plugin checks your keywords and content, titles and meta descriptions, and post readability, as well as generating site maps for you.

With WordPress You’re Never Tied Down

WordPress doesn’t lock you into using the services of site building companies that can be very difficult to migrate away from. Your site is always under your complete control and you can change your host at will if you aren’t happy with your current provider.

As of early 2017, 74.6 million websites were using WordPress as their content management system and in the U.S. 22% of newly registered domains run on WordPress. Don’t you think you should join them?