window furnishings retailer success strategy
It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or large scale businesses, it can be quite hard when starting out. Initially everyone faces some difficulties one way or another.

When online business is concerned, there are some different sorts of challenges such as online marketing, presentation, website design issues, and more.

Read below to learn about how My Direct Blinds overcome these obstacles.

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1. Latest Tools

It’s important to utilise open source software like WordPress to minimise costs. By saving your money like this you can divert the majority of your budget towards marketing.

WordPress is not only Cost-effective but also has many functional benefits.  First of all it saves them money by providing a template to work on, it is more like a framework. Due to the large community behind WordPress (The vast majority of websites in the world are hosted on WordPress), there are many plugins available to utilise for you guessed it, a low cost. Meaning: You don’t have to spend money when you need functions programmed into your website, it’s likely already been done, plugins are sold by the thousands for a very low price.

In their case, a product options plugin came in handy considering it already had a product price matrix table pre programmed, and allowed them to publish all of the products without having to spend any further dollars on development.

2. Focused Marketing

focused marketing
As mentioned earlier the savings utilised on the software platform (by using WordPress plugins) were put towards marketing. With an increased budget we can hyper focus on implementing the best marketing strategy. A vast majority of the budget was put into Search Engine optimisation, Adwords, Facebook advertising and Influencer marketing.

3. UI/UX

User Experience, and the User Interface are not to be overlooked. A good design is necessary so that the user will not navigate off your website. If you’re lacking in funds there are plenty of themes available on websites like envato’s themeforest.

Most templates and themes these days are highly customisable and they are designed so well with UI/UX in mind already. Without paying attention to this you can easily lose conversions.

4. Designing a Website Template

If you’re designing the template yourself, then you can employ the services of a designer. Any freelance designer can provide top notch work and for a low cost. A fun trend today is the use of pastel colors to express their company message. While designing a website other options are also added such as;

website layout optimization

  • Navigation bars
  • Graphics
  • Logo
  • Simple and relevant content
  • Customer Care service options
  • Product & Service benefits

The placement of this information needs to be considered.


  • Payment icons near add to cart buttons
  • Customer Testimonials on product pages
  • Product benefits
  • Company or service benefits in the header
  • Call to action buttons in relevant places
  • The heavy usage of landing pages for targeting the right audiences
  • Social proof (How many others may have purchased)

It’s all about communicating why you’re better than your competitor.

Another company of theirs, an online floor rugs shop, uses social proof to ignite their sales volume on each of their product pages.


So, there you are if you are considering a low cost startup option, then look at WordPress as your platform for your business either for e-commerce or for any website really, we think it’s an excellent choice. You can reduce the startup cost and use that in other areas such as marketing and advertising. We’ve outlined plenty of spaces you need to look at whilst designing your website and where to place these elements so that you can maximise your conversions. All of this is what will make your company ultimately successful.