wordpress vs custom made design themesLet’s say you’re getting ready to build your website but you’re not sure whether you should pick a WordPress or a custom-made design theme. So, clock is ticking and you know that design and functionality are your primary concerns! You click on the search box in Google and the results page brings so many options that you simply don’t know where to start from. No worries, we’ve made a meticulous research on how to find the best solution for your business. Here are the pros and cons of both WordPress based website and a customized one!

The Pros of a Custom-Made Design Theme

Before taking another step on the path of custom-made design themes, first you should ask yourself the question. What is your business about? If you’re planning to run a company in a highly competitive market, then a custom-built design theme is exactly what you need. And why is that so? The answer is quite simple – you would want to be remembered.

The only way to stand out from others is to tailor a website to fit your specific needs. An excellent example of the previously mentioned is the AskGamblers website, a leading casino authority in the gambling industry. With an original design theme and easy on the eye site navigation, it’s no wonder that AskGamblers’s forum has over 80,000 members making it one of the largest casino communities in the world.

askgamblers website example

The Cons of a Custom-Made Design Theme

Nothing in life is perfect and that goes for the online universe as well. Creating a website from scratch is a difficult and time-consuming process. Building top-quality things takes time and making a lead-generation website is no different.

With more work to be done another matter should be taken into consideration. The budget. Extra time required for building a one-of-a-kind online design prodigy demands a substantial amount of money so you better get a decent calculator because you’re going to need it.

The Pros of a WordPress Design Theme

Being the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world, WordPress may definitely be a good solution to your website design quest. It’s not by chance that nearly 30% of all websites around the world are powered by WordPress. Why choosing WordPress? As you might have guessed by now, WordPress is by far a friendlier budget option compared to a tailor-made design theme.

TechCrunch, a leading technology media property, focused on start-up companies, people and investors, is a good case of wisely used WordPress design theme. With a pre-built coding work done and a time-saving moment involved, WordPress is certainly worth considering.

techcrunch website example

The Cons of a WordPress Design Theme

A downside of using a WordPress theme is that it’s not as flexible as those labeled as custom. If you’re looking for a flexible design, then you may want to consider turning to a personalized design theme.

Maybe the biggest disadvantage with getting a WordPress design theme is the fact that other businesses use it. Good bye, uniqueness, in that case! However, you can always put extra efforts into creating an amazing visual branding and catchy website content.

The closing point of the post is an assurance that there’s no one proper solution here. Whatever you decide, you’ll still have to go through some tweaks and modifications on your website. Good luck with your choice!