admission essay writing tipsThink long and hard before writing your admission essay. This common advice you can easily find on any educational website or program. But is it really practical and effective enough? Of course, you have to think about what you’re going to talk about in your application, but the main rule here is not to overthink to the point when you can’t start writing because of having too many ideas to write about. Basically, writing about yourself is a seemingly simple, but tricky topic.

Today we’re going to talk about what to mention and what to avoid in your application essay, providing additional advice for international students. In case you don’t have enough time to complete a qualitative essay by yourself, you can always apply for professional help to a good writing service. You can easily find this admission essay writing service online in any country or region you live.

Perfect College and Uni Admission Essays

Writing a qualitative and remarkable admission essay is not a difficult thing to do. If you know what exactly to stay away from while writing your essay, you can polish your writing skills very fast. So, let’s begin with this question. What topics to stay away from in your college essay?

There is no way to personalize anything in your essay when it comes to applying for a college or university. In average writing assignments, you can discuss almost any topic related to the task. But with applications, the situation is a little bit different.

  • Popular and average topics. One of the most popular topics among students is about being on a soccer/baseball team. That’s why writing about it in a unique way is far more difficult than writing about any other topic. The more general and popular topic you choose, the harder it will be to stand out. To create a strong essay out of this topic you have to bring your own perspective to it without copying someone else’s work or ideas.
  • Another topic, which is recommended to stay away from, is love relationships. Why? It is quite a delicate thing to discuss in your application essay, which makes the writing process harder and brings more severe requirements to it.

Of course, you can take any topic and develop it into something unique, special, which is related to you specifically. But you have to realize the level of difficulty and the burden of writing you give yourself the moment you make this decision. So, if you’re quite dedicated and extremely serious about spending a lot of time on your application, you can do it.

So, what to write about? You have to distinguish the topic, which associates with you and describes you, as a personality, and your goals the best way possible. It should be a descriptive essay, which shows rather than tells about you. The topic should demonstrate your personal growth without being too serious at the same time. So, light humour elements are only a plus for your writing. Be natural, authentic, and honest. Show the readers how the experience you’re describing in your writing has helped you to grow.

And now, we have a couple of useful recommendations for international students who experience even higher level of stress when working on their admission essays.

International Students and Admission Essays

Applications written by international students, of course, differ from those written by natives. So, here a couple of things to take into account:

  • Be open about telling where exactly you come from. Many international students consider mentioning the fact that they’ve grown up outside the US is enough. No. You have to be descriptive, telling about what it is like living in your country;
  • Connect your personal experiences with the culture and traditions your country has. Don’t be afraid to be unique and authentic. It is okay to be different from the people that live in the country you’re applying to.

The one thing to remember when writing your application essay is that the main goal is not to impress the admission officers with your writing skills, but to make them remember you.