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As a coder, you may have come by a variety of blogs providing useful content about coding. Some help us to get started with beginner coding tutorials and some help us become skilled in a particular programming language or technology. Many of them serve as a lifeline when we encounter problems and issues in our projects.

Whether you are new to the world of programming languages or looking for the best programming blogs to hone your programming skills, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide a list of the best programming blogs that every coder should follow not only to improve their skills but to keep up with the latest development trends and technologies.


When it comes to learning about how to code, catonmat is always one of the top resources. It’s one of the rare places where you can find newbie-level and expert-level blog posts at the same time. They are usually mixed and one blog post would be about the expert-level topics, such as Turing Machines but the next about newbie-level topics, such as best Windows applications for developers. The blog also contains programming exercises, Linux how-to guides, and many developer tools.


Martin Fowler is the man behind this blog. Martin is a professional software developer and author of half a dozen books on programming. He learned everything from leading a software consultancy called “Thought Works”. On his blog, there are many blogs about software refactoring, object-oriented programming, agile methodology, and extreme programming. His most popular book is called “Refactoring” which popularized the concept of code refactoring. This blog is the best for both beginners and very advanced coders so they can hone their skills to stand out.

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Joel Spolsky is a software engineer and CEO of Fog Creek Software. He is so prolific writer that his blog contains more than 1114 articles related to software development, project management, and even he is the first who explained UTF8 and Unicode standards to the general public. He has been working on the blog for the last 16 years and his most successful projects are Stack Overflow and Trello.


David Walsh is not just the name of the blog but also a brand. He’s made his name stand out by posting a lot of content for newbies. Whenever there is a JavaScript problem, the Google results will show David Walsh blog on top. David learned his programming at Mozilla (home of Firefox browser). He’s always sharing a lot of programming tutorials, how-to guides, and programming case studies. David is capable of turning tough coding & programming related topics into easy to understand and consume posts. The blog is visited by tens of thousands of programmers a month that makes it the top programming resource.

real phyton

If you are about to learn Python, then this is a highly recommended programming blog for you to learn in-depth details of Python. As a beginner, you can learn Python via tutorial blog posts, video courses, quizzes, and podcasts. There are over 1,000 Python tutorials and the blog gets over 2,000,000 monthly visitors per month. Moreover, you can also subscribe to their Python newsletter to get the latest Python updates right in your email inbox.

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