4 best survey wordpress plugins
WordPress is the most popular platform for amateur and professional bloggers to host their sites without purchasing any dedicated server space themselves.

It is particularly impressive in terms of features thanks to the web development suite included with the web hosting space. To give you a little perspective, most other web hosts require you to design your website from the ground up from code. You go on WordPress there is a graphical interface and a wizard guide that leads you step-by-step to create your very first website.

These websites are more than just little trinkets. They are versatile and fully functional platforms that you can begin your e-commerce empire from even having no experience using computers to conduct economic activity online.

If the previously mentioned features were not enough, WordPress allows users to customize to a mind-boggling degree, especially compared to other popular web host alternatives.

This is possible through integrated into fully supported plug-ins available to download through the WordPress website. One of the most popularly downloaded types of plug-ins is the survey plug-in. There are various options available in this category that all have something unique to offer the WordPress blogger.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A WordPress Survey Plug-In For Your Blog?

“How will this affect me, I wonder?”- this is the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when considering installing their first survey plug-in for WordPress. Well, lucky for you, there are numerous benefits implicated with the proper application of quality survey plug-ins on your WordPress blog.

Allows You To Keep Your Finger On The Pulse Of The Industry

Opinion data may not seem like something worth very much, especially if you are not familiar with the industry yet. However, as time will prove repeatedly, consumers make purchases and drive economic activity based upon emotions, not logical reasons. Logical reasons are used after the fact to justify emotionally based purchasing decisions.

A talented WordPress blogger will be able to use their survey plug-ins to collect data and begin to build a big picture perspective on what type of person comprises their typical audience member.

Through the collection of opinion data, the type of person present in the audience can be elucidated. This, in turn, will be deployed to create powerful targeted advertising that vastly outperforms conventional advertising mediums in terms of revenue growth enhancement.

Collect Reliable Data From Unique Visitors

Each time a unique visitor logs in and use one of the survey plug-ins, they will leave a digital fingerprint with information that lets you know critical details about their presence.

One of the most crucial data you need to collect is the number of unique visitors your site has each day, each week, and month. Quality survey tools will allow you to automate this process.

Then you will be able to effectively tell how many new abusers your latest actions have been drawing to the site. The longer you’ve been collecting data, the more powerful analyses you can perform. Additional experience will further enhance your market power.

Best In The Industry: Top WordPress Survey Plug-Ins For All WordPress Bloggers

Now that you understand why the top WordPress bloggers always implement quality plug-ins on their blogs, let’s get to the real point of this article. Which plug-ins are going to produce the best results for your blog’s performance?

The answer that question depends on exactly what you are looking for in the plug-in, but luckily there are many options no matter how you have answered that question in your mind.

1. Pinpoll By Pinpoll

pinpoll by pinpoll
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Pinpoll brings to WordPress an intuitive yet straightforward survey plug-in that will let you create your polls, allowing you to collect opinion data from anyone visiting your site with ease. The plug-in includes Integrated advertisement support so you can monetize immediately to guarantee a steady flow of additional income once everything is up and running.

Opinions are powerful pieces of information, and if anything is proven by using this plug-in, it would be this maxim. While there are other options available or WordPress bloggers to collect survey data from their users, there is nothing that will be as sleek and intuitive while providing powerfully actionable data.

This data will boost your blog’s profitability by increasing the amount of click-through you are receiving from users visiting your site.

Advantages of using this plug-in:

  • Increased Amount Of Time Spent By Visitors On Target Site By Up To 13% In Trials
  • Secure Multiple Party Voters Systems Guarantees Easy Voting Competition Integrity
  • Optimized For Accelerated Mobile Pages By Google

Any Potential Downfalls Or Drawbacks Of This Plug-In:

  • Does not flow as efficiently on non-accelerated mobile pages
  • Free trial only lasts 14 days
  • Different plan options are too similar

Answers To Some Common Questions:

  1. Plan Cost: Once the free trial has terminated a charge of $10, be required to continue using the plug-in each month.
  2. WordPress Integration: This plug-in is directly integrated with WordPress allowing you to control everything right from their platform.
  3. Customer Support Options: Services available through their dedicated customer service email address listed on their website.

2. Formidable Form Builder – Contact Form, Survey & Quiz Forms Plugin for WordPress By Strategy11

formidable form builder by strategy11
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Versatility is one word you could use to describe the essence of this WordPress survey plug-in accurately. We have spent hours crawling through the available plug-ins to see if there is anything that even comes close to having the same number of supported features as this plug-in does.

If you feel confident that you will take advantage of the features you unlock with the paid service, then the full experience will be worth the cost of a monthly subscription.

Otherwise, the standard advertisement-supported version of the service should be more than enough for any amateur blogger and almost all professional bloggers. If you need to create forms on your own, the drag-and-drop process is so intuitive it’s nearly impossible to mess it up even if it is your first time. That is what defines a natural learning curve with great user experience.

When it comes to a WordPress plug-in that will make even amateurs feel like professionals, it’s going to be a difficult challenge to top Formidable Form Builder anytime soon.

Advantages of using this plug-in:

  • Advanced WordPress Forms Creator Allows The Creation Of Surveys, Quizzes, And Even More
  • Beautiful Drag And Drop Presentation On Their Graphical User Interface
  • Capable Of Implementing Smart Surveys Automatically

Any Potential Downfalls Or Drawbacks Of This Plug-In:

  • Smart Survey Implementation Not Included With Free Version
  • Must Pay A Monthly Subscription Service Fee For Full Suite Of Features
  • Not The Most Affordable Option For Form Creation Alone

Answers To Some Common Questions:

  1. How are New Forms created?: New users are recommended to use a template or their first few forms to get a feel for how the plug-in looks and works before creating their custom forms using the form creation tool
  2. How Are All The Advanced Features Unlocked?: Full features will be unlocked upon successful validation of an active subscription to the premium version of the plug-in service.
  3. Will Payment Forms Be Supported?: Multiple payment forms are already supported with this plug-in, including Stripe and PayPal, along with easy integration instructions for clients.

3. POWr by POWr.io

powr by powr io
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POWr is the WordPress plug-in for the individual who has spent a little time on WordPress and feels they are ready to expand their horizons a bit. While it may appear overwhelming at first glance, the overall flow and presentation this program’s designers have bestowed it with is commendable.

When you stop and consider the total number of features and customization options available, it’s difficult to see how a plug-in with such versatile and comprehensive features is not even more cryptic for users to decipher.

No, rather than being impossible to understand, these plug-ins make creating professional-level quality plug-ins within anyone’s reach.

Advantages Of Using This Plug-In:

  • Library With 50+ Free Plug-Ins Fully Compatible With WordPress
  • All Available Plug-Ins Can Be Managed Using One Simple Login Profile
  • Create Your Own Plug-Ins With The Numerous And Versatile Roles

Any Potential Downfalls Or Drawbacks Of This Plug-In:

  • Could Be Overwhelming For Newcomers
  • Yet Again Advanced Features Additional Cost Money
  • Not Updated As Often As Competitors

Answers To Some Common Questions:

  1. Are the plug-ins available for free?: all plug-ins are available for free; however, upgrades will require you to pay some money
  2. Are there discounts for upgrading multiple plug-ins?: There are some seasonal pricing differences and occasional business discounts available. Full pricing is available on the developer’s website.
  3. How are plug-ins customized?: Plug-ins can be fully controlled right from the WordPress platform, including total access to all customization and enhancement features.

4. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

poll, survey, form & quiz maker by opinionstage
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Opinions are more important than we were told when we were young, and they can become one of the essential factors in driving the future growth of your online enterprises. Powerful plug-ins made by a professional wordpress development agency, such as the one made by Opinionstage here, could play a vital role in expanding the horizons that are accessible to your future endeavours.

Managing analytics can be complicated; however, the added stress is made irrelevant thanks to the full optimization of the task by this plug-ins sophisticated analytic engine.

Access all the information you need to make critical decisions through the analytics dashboard after users have submitted their opinion responses to all of the polls, surveys, and forms you could ever need.

Advantages of using this plug-in:

  • Real-Time Results Displays Available For Host And Site Visitors
  • Analytics Dashboard Automatically Presents Tabulated Data In Comprehensive Graphs
  • Export All Collected And Analyzed Data Easily Into Microsoft Excel Files

Any Potential Downfalls Or Drawbacks Of This Plug-In:

  • Better Used By Those Wounds At Least A Basic Understanding Of Data Analytics
  • Powerful Features Limited By Inferior Customer Support
  • Other Plug-Ins Offer Similar Features For Far Less Each Month

Answers To Some Common Questions:

  1. How are polls and surveys differentiated from each other?: Polls are single-item surveys designed to be conducted quickly and concluded quickly. Surveys consist of multiple questions and often allow respondents to provide more detailed answers.
  2. Are there options for user customization?: Users can delve into the menu and select several different options for a customized experience tailored for each user’s tastes. Easily choose from numerous options such as colour, font, and other features.
  3. Are polls and surveys the only interactive media supported?: There is active development for additional interactive media support that has already produced some promising results. Both polls and surveys are supported in addition to quizzes, slideshows, and now it supports forms as well.

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