We know that others will offer you more than just four designs to promote your brand. However, it’s our policy to always cut through the fluff. Therefore, we prioritize only quality over quantity when it comes to examples.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: why use flyers and flyer maker templates?

Almost all small and medium enterprises (SMEs) use printed and online banners in their promotional activities. In addition, the majority of consumers always buy from brands that have personalized business cards, posters, and signs.

Plus, you’ll love that many of these banner designs are free of charge to use. So now, you won’t ever need a professional designer all the time for simple prints and banners.

Let’s dive right in!

4 Free Flyer Design Templates

We’ve selected these six templates by studying many successful brands’ physical and digital media from various markets. Therefore, you can be confident each of these examples will catch your audience’s attention and effectively promote your brand.

template 01

Wood Background Christmas Event Flyer Template/Venngage

Holiday Event Flyer Design Templates

This free template from Venngage is an excellent holiday event design example.

What It Does Well: The design evokes the Christmas season with the symbolic Christmas tree star. Plus, the wood background, gifts, and mistletoe are excellent choices to highlight the season.

In addition, the font is effectively clear because it highlights the semi-minimalist layout. This design principle makes all crucial flyer details stand out. Viewers can quickly identify the greeting, date, and activities.

Viewing this poster from a distance entices audiences to come closer and read all the details completely.

Areas for Improvement: The banner has zero brand representation. William Burns Bar & Pub uses the usual practice of placing their name on the top and bottom areas of the banner. However, the flyer has no pub symbols or logos that help readers quickly identify the banner’s source.

template 02

Moonlight Movie Night Fundraiser Poster Template/Venngage

Film Festival Free Flyer Design

This example is one of the simplest ways to make a small film festival flyer stand out from the longest viewing distance possible.

What it Does Well: Using the tickets to convey visible information from far away is an excellent choice. The “loud” header font and tickets in orange fully contrast the banner’s dark forest background. The contrast makes all the important text easily identifiable.

Areas for Improvement: The flyer isn’t suitable for every film festival because the graphics look too casual. Most sophisticated film festival posters have a minimalistic look with neutral or varied shades. In addition, classic film festival flyers avoid using cartoonish symbols and fonts.

template 03

Red Medical Pamphlet Template/Venngage

Health Graphic Design Flyer

Patterson Health Centre’s health reminder banner focuses on information rather than symbolism. It’s a great health flyer example you can use in your designs.

What It Does Well: Imposing the clean-font text in high contrast versus the gradient pill pile background makes the entire text easily readable from far away. The large “Swine Flu” header alerts readers that all accompanying readable information relates to the flu’s prevention.

One other great design principle this flyer illustrates is the central main idea situated under the header. The question-and-answer design approach works well with this medical pamphlet.

Areas for Improvement: The pill pile background works well to indicate it’s a medical flyer. However, a solid color background will work better. Plus, using a singular background color can save money on printing costs.

template 04

Vibrant Cleaning Services Product Flyer Template/Venngage

Multi-Audience Business Flyer Design

All SMEs offer various services that cater to multiple audiences. Therefore, you can use this flyer as a great template or produce a company logo for better visibility.

What It Does Well: “What do I get out of it?” is the second question audiences have after “who (is this business)?” The banner answers the second question exceptionally well by categorizing their residential and commercial cleaning services in an organized manner.

The flyer cleverly uses its subheader to urge audiences further by including a base price and the general service overview. Lastly, the “Eco-Friendly Products” category makes their services much more convincing, thanks to added information.

Areas for Improvement: The flyer works best for residential promotions. The other target audience will likely want much more specific information about the service’s restaurant, medical office, and showroom cleaning methods. Truthfully, the commercial services category needs a dedicated flyer targeting its audience.

You Can Always Find Helpful Templates From Almost Any Flyer Design App

Venngage and other high-quality personal banner design apps can give you thousands of templates you can completely edit. Doing this helps you avoid huge designer bills for small-event flyers.

However, we can’t discount professional flyer designer knowledge and experience in creating sophisticated and non-recycled banners. On the other hand, ready-to-use starter templates are fully customizable. In the end, all banner design app templates can always help you enhance your banner-making skills and represent your brand in the best way.