Vaping has been around for well over a decade at this point, and it’s evolved in some pretty interesting ways during that time. Flavor preferences have changed, and tobacco and menthol flavors no longer top the best-seller lists. The devices themselves have changed as well; cigarette-shaped “cigalikes” aren’t nearly as common as they once were.

One of the biggest ways in which vaping has changed, though, is that it has become fashionable in a way that smoking hasn’t been in many years. Smoking is almost universally considered ugly. It makes you smell bad. It dries out your hair and ages your skin prematurely. Vaping, on the other hand, doesn’t give you bad breath and leaves no lingering odor. Switching from smoking to vaping can be a tremendous boost to your self-esteem, and maybe that’s why so many of the people who make the switch decide that they’d like to flaunt their new vaping devices a bit. After all, buying a vaping device symbolizes making a clean break with the past and ending dependence on tobacco that may have lasted years or even decades. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate such a major change?

If you’d like to have a little fun with your vaping device, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll describe 4 easy ways to personalize your vape. With these tips, you’ll be turning heads – for all the right reasons – in no time.

Buy a Vape That’s Designed for Maximum Style

The easiest way to have a stunningly beautiful vaping device is by buying a device that’s beautiful right out of the box. That way, there no work involved because your device already looks spectacular. At a top-quality vape shop like V2 Cigs UK, you’ll find a wide assortment of devices in every imaginable size and shape, making it easy to buy a vape that fits your personal style. Here are just a few of the things that you’ll want to consider when buying your next vape.

  • What’s the size that best fits your needs? Some of the most colorful vaping devices on the market are full-sized box mods, which deliver amazing flavors and can produce enormous clouds but are sometimes a bit on the heavy side. Alternatively, you can consider a pod-based device. Pod vaping systems produce smaller clouds compared to box mods, but they are some of the sleekest and most fashionable vaping devices on the market.
  • Would you rather have a single luxury vaping device, or would it better suit your sense of style to own several less expensive devices in a variety of different colors and patterns? Since full-sized vape mods are typically the most expensive vaping devices, they’re also the devices that are most likely to have exquisite color patterns and luxury materials. Pod systems, on the other hand, tend to be inexpensive enough that you might have room in your budget to buy several devices.
  • If you decide to buy a luxury vaping device, would you like to own a device that uses exotic materials? Some of the materials that manufacturers are using in their devices these days include leather, abalone shells, carbon fiber and stabilized wood.

Buy a New Vape Tank

If you already love the vaping device that you’re using, buying a new device might not be something that you want to consider at this time. If you use a vape mod with a removable tank, though, you have another option for personalization that doesn’t involve getting a new mod: You can buy a new tank instead.

Vape tanks have become such a big business these days that you can easily find dozens of different models at any well-stocked vape shop – and manufacturers love to use exotic designs to differentiate their products from the competition. Buy a new tank with a color scheme that complements the design of your vaping device. Alternatively, buy one with a contrasting design if you really want to have a vaping setup that stands out.

Customize Your Vape Tank

Personalizing your vaping device isn’t just a matter of choosing hardware that suits your sense of style; there are also plenty of options for customizing the equipment that you already have. One thing that people like to do, for example, is install vape bands on their tanks. A vape band is a silicone band that’s placed over the glass of your tank. A vape band adds a splash of color to your vaping setup, and it also helps to protect the glass.

Another way to customize your vape tank is by replacing the glass. Some manufacturers have several different glass enclosures available for their most popular tanks, including enclosures that are straight-sided, bulbous, faceted, and frosted. Color-changing glass is even available for some tanks.

You can also replace your tank’s mouthpiece with one made by a third-party manufacturer. The mouthpieces for vape tanks are also called drip tips. They’re made in standard sizes, which makes them easily replaceable. If your tank has a wide mouthpiece, you can find replacements for it by searching for “810 drip tips” online. If your tank has a narrow mouthpiece, use the phrase “510 drip tips” to find replacements. Drip tips are available in an endless variety of colors. Manufacturers make them from plastics such as Delrin and Ultem and metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. You can even find drip tips made from carved jade and other stones.

Buy a Vape Wrap

If you have a well-known vaping device, one easy way to personalize it is by buying a wrap. Vape wraps are usually made from vinyl. The manufacturers of the wraps print designs directly on the vinyl, and there are hundreds of different designs available for the most popular vapes. Some manufacturers will even let you submit your own image for printing. Installing a vape wrap is easy; just remove the wrap from its backing and stick it on your vaping device, smoothing out the air bubbles as you go. Most vape wraps use residue-free adhesive, making it easy to remove a wrap and install a new one when you feel like a change.