4 wordpress security mistakes on websites
Whenever a WordPress site is attacked by hackers or bots, the situation can become a huge nightmare fast. Fortunately, the CMS is quite secure. Unfortunately, many site owners make huge mistakes right now and do not understand how important it is to take preventive steps to prevent hacking.

Everything starts by understanding the security mistakes that are often made by WordPress site owners. The good news is that most of the necessary fixes are much simpler than more complicated business issues, like identity verification.

Not Updating

When a security problem appears, the WordPress community lets others know. This is how the WordPress team manages to frequently offer security updates. The problem is that it is the responsibility of the site owner to actually patch up the security holes.

While most of the major core WordPress updates are automatically handled, there are many cases in which this does not happen. This is why you need to look at the dashboard notification area to be aware if something is wrong and an update is mandatory.

Most updates are handled with a single click so why not do them?

Using Low-Quality Free Themes And Plugins

Plugins and themes that are poorly coded are a huge security problem. They tend to slow down the entire site, are often incompatible with future WordPress versions, and stand out as entry points for the hackers that target your site.

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The best thing you can do to guarantee protection is to buy a theme from someone that can be fully trusted. When it comes to plugins, some of the free ones can be considered but you need to read reviews and be sure they are often updated. Only choose the top rated plugins and themes.

Not Updating Plugins And Themes

update to prevent security breach
Similarly to the CMS, plugins and themes need to be regularly updated so that bugs are fixed and security upgrades are installed. You need to always test updates and install everything needed and available. This drastically increases the security of your website because most hacks happen because of vulnerabilities found in old versions of themes and plugins.

Not Using Security Plugins

Not using a security plugin makes the entire site more vulnerable. What you might not know is that your site may be checked by hackers without you even realizing that this happens with the use of automated software that is actually undetectable by the CMS. Due to this, you need to install a good security plugin for WordPress. Although features vary from one plugin to the other, generally, firewalls and bot protection are included.


The most important thing to remember about WordPress security is that you always need to be careful with everything that you use. Click here to learn more about WordPress security. In the event that you do not have a maintenance system in place, it is mandatory to create one right now. At the very least, you have to install a good security plugin since they will alert you about the existence of countless possible vulnerabilities. Take full advantage of this.